Review: Cook 'n Learn Smart Kitchen by Little Tikes

We love any kind of play in our house, so when we received the Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen as part of our role as Rainbow Toy Award Testers, we were beyond excited!
George and Molly love role-play and this was the most exciting delivery we’ve had in a long time. I am terrible at building things, so the kids had to get involved, and they totally rocked it. I love letting them have a go at ‘normal’ stuff, the stuff adults tend to find boring… this is the kinda stuff they LOVE! Plus, it gave them a huge sense of achievement when it was complete.
I have to say, some parts didn’t quite slot in as smoothly as we would have liked, but eventually it was complete and ready for George and Molly to fill with the various cups, bowls, saucepans and cutlery.
It’s a great set and comes with a learning app for tablets (our tablet wasn’t compatible). It didn’t matter for George and Molly; they loved simply playing. From cooking to selling their food (yes I was charged £20 for egg and bacon!) they were consumed with the kitchen from the moment it was complete.
We’ve now moved a lot of bits and bobs around to accommodate for the kitchen in their bedroom, and it’s getting used constantly!
So, despite the initial difficulty in construction, this cool kitchen has become a big part of George and Molly’s playtime and I think it will be a long-standing addition to our toy collection.
What do you think of the Cook ‘n Learn Kitchen?
Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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