Review: Box of Favours.

I absolutely love unusual and quirky gift ideas, so when I was offered the chance to check out and review a Box of Favours, I jumped at the chance! This little box of loveliness is perfect to give to a loved one at any time of year, but with Christmas around the corner this definitely needs to be on your Christmas list!

The creator of this wonderful gift is Ben, a man who developed the idea whilst living with his overworked and very busy flatmate. He decided to gift her with favours but couldn’t find a product suitable enough, so he began creating a Box of Favours, a box full of lovely and helpful things he could do to make her life a little easier. From this he developed this wonderful product for the rest of us to share in the giving, the helping out and all the the love…


The box is beautifully presented; a high quality dark blue-purple box with luxurious gold font. Inside you will find The Contract, and underneath, the Favours. I love that the box could be re-used after the favours have been redeemed, it could store jewellery or stationery; it’s just so sweet!

I opened the box carefully to reveal The Contract and gasped at just how exquisite the whole thing is. Ben certainly has excellent taste and quality design skills because this is definitely beautiful to look at as well as a fantastic gift idea.


The contract has a few rules within it, such as ‘all favours must be completed within a year’ and ‘only one favour can be redeemed per day’, and it requires a signature – a simple and effective touch! I love the concept of giving favours to a friend or family member, mostly because it’s these little things that become the big things in our lives…


The favours within the box are pretty awesome, my favourites include, ‘I win this debate’ and ‘breakfast in bed’, mostly because these are the things I’d love to redeem – haha! I also love that some blank cards are included, so your recipient can add their own favours; I love this because you can choose different favours depending on the relationship between the recipient and the  giver. So, if I was to give this to Warren, he might add a ‘foot rub’ to the mix, or a ‘date night’, but if I gave it to a friend they might add, ‘night out’ or ‘movie and pizza night’ and so on. It’s really adaptable and perfect for any type of relationship…

I absolutely love my Box of Favours, and I plan to gift it to Warren for either our Wedding Anniversary or Christmas, so he can redeem lots of lovely things throughout 2018. For £9.99 this is gift within anyone’s budget and it would make a perfect stocking filler, main gift or Secret Santa as well as being perfect for birthdays or other celebrations.

Box of Favours currently costs £9.99 (RRP £14.99) and you can purchase one from Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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