Review: Biomed Organic Skincare.

Now in my mid-thirties I know how important it is to take care of my skin (shame I didn’t realise this ten years ago, eh?) and it’s also important to find ethical and natural beauty products. I was recently sent several Biomed products to test out and I absolutely love them!

The products I received included Vein Vanish, Body Firmer, Ingrow Gone and Pure Detox Moisturiser. It arrived in high quality packaging, the colours clear and the design very stylish. I
particularly like the silver metallic lettering mixed with green and
white, and there’s a lot of useful information on all of the boxes
such as ingredients and how to use them.

Biomed is an organic skincare range, they do not test on animals
and they’re 98.9% natural, clinically and dermatologically tested, vegan, paraben free and they contain essential oils. I was very keen to try out their
moisturiser and body firmer as well as the other two products in preparation for the summer!

The Vein Vanish was
easy to use and had some improvements after a couple of weeks use. It
costs 30 Euros (approx £27.00) and it’s a really good sized product
(50ml). This product is perfect now the sun is shining and our legs are seeing the light!

The Ingrow Gone surprised me; it reminded me of nail varnish
remover but it didn’t sting or hurt to use. It costs 20 Euros (approx
£18.00) and there re two ways to apply it. If you want to remove
ingrown hairs you need to apply it with a cotton ball every morning
and evening, but if you want to prevent ingrowing hairs then you
apply it before removing the hair and then twice a week thereafter.
It’s a simple skincare regime and I found it worked really well to
prevent any ingrown hairs under my arm.

The Body Firmer costs 20 Euros (approx £18.00) and it has such a
gorgeous texture, it’s really easy to apply and it smells lovely. I
also love how it applies to the skin, it doesn’t sit on the skin or
become ‘bitty’ as some creams I’ve used, it absorbs in just the right
amount of time and it left my skin feeling great! After a few weeks I
definitely noticed a difference in my skin in certain problem areas
(yes, I’m talking about my butt!) and my stretch marks have also
improved which is pretty awesome, right?!

The final product I’m going to talk about is definitely my
favourite! Biomed’s Pure Detox costs 25 Euros (approx £22) and it
smells absolutely divine! I love that you only need a small amount of
the product to gain amazing results. This product is my favourite of
the lot, and it’s probably because it tackles stress (one of my
little annoyances of life!) as well as moisturising the skin. I have
fairly dry cheeks and I’ve noticed a vast improvement since using
this cream.

I adore Biomed’s skincare range, it is high quality, easy to use and beautifully scented. To find out more please check out their Instagram account and Facebook page!

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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