Review: Adam Newman Fitness 3 Week Total Beginner Programme.

I have really wanted to kick-start my fitness this year, so when I had the chance to join the Adam Newman Fitness 3 Week Total Beginner Programme I couldn’t wait to begin. It’s been a long time coming and I was looking forward to having routine and guidance all rolled into one.

The three week programme costs £7, and you get to join a closed Facebook group for support, receive weekly emails and have use of the App for exercises. It was all very easy to set up, and before I knew it I was good to go!

The App was very easy to download, and the first thing you need to do is the ‘Fitness Test’. This checks your pulse, upper body strength and gives you your starter measurements.
Once this is complete, the following day is the first day of exercise. You can see from the image below that the App is very easy to use…


Once you click on the correct week it will give you the chance to select the right day. I love the inspirational quote alongside the weeks…


When you click on the day, you will find a welcome note and one or two videos. Sometimes there’s a pre-workout chat, which will tell you all the modifications or give you extra tips to make sure you have a good workout. These are essential viewing, I feel, to get a good idea of what’s to come in the workout video.

Adam is great in the videos, he explains everything as you go along, he offers alternative ways of doing things if you have different levels of fitness, he encourages you to keep pushing on when you’re shattered… He’s basically is a personal trainer in an App and at a fraction of the price!


The Facebook group is also a great source of support and encouragement. You can ask questions and everyone makes such an effort to make you feel at home. Each day you post what you’ve achieved and Adam commented on most of my posts, such a simple yet very effective tool of pushing me on throughout the programme.

With regards to emails, I was a bit slack with the foodie side of things. I really focused on the exercise because I felt the need to ease myself in gently with a change in lifestyle. However, the emails were really informative and not long-winded, perfect for busy people. They have facts and advice, adding another level of support.


At the end of my 3 weeks I had another go at the Fitness Test’ and these were my results compared with the first test…

Resting heart rate 65/66bpm
Heart rate after 3 minutes stepping up and down on a stool: 83bpm down to 82bpm
Heart rate after 1 minute rest: 68bpm down to 66bpm
Push ups: 6 to 16!
Plank: 1 minute 6 seconds to 1 minutes 25 seconds.

Overall I reduced by 3 inches, not bad considering I didn’t change my food much and I was due on my period (I’m always bloated at this time!).

I am really happy with my results; I think the programme is a great way to get back into exercise. It’s positive, uplifting and gentle. Adam is calm and consistent with his workouts, and his support online is fantastic. I’m actually sad it’s over…

I’d really recommend this to anyone and everyone wanting to get back into getting fit!
Disclosure: I received a free programme in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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