Remebrance Day: The Wind on the Downs by Marian Allen

Hey guys, so this poem tipped me over the edge today. I’m going to ty and write what I try to say in the video (I’m not so great at speaking, but writing might make it more clear…). So, firstly we’ve been watching footage and reading, writing and drawing today with a focus on Remebrance Day. Our pack from the Royal British Legion has been super helpful and, of course, we did end with WWII as a talking point. I think this is why I feel so angry towards senseless violence and murder at the end of the video, the knowledge that a million Jewish children were killed is quite frankly horrific and jaw-dropping.
When we were doing our activities I decided to read several poems to George and Molly, and the one I read (too fast because I have little memory on my phone) in the video totally broke my heart. It spoke to me today in ways I can’t describe. At first I thought it was about a child talking to a father, but as I read on I couldn’t stop thinking of Warren. Then the tears came! Moll gave me a cuddle and then I thought I’d record it to share, incase you haven’t heard it before. It’s truly stunning. Here is a link to the Poetry Society for more info.
[youtube] As I say in the video, I am SO grateful to be alive today. I am so grateful to those who made this so. But I am also saddened that war exists, saddened it has to be a thing. So, let’s not forget what happened, let’s remember that even the mot powerful and terrifying of leaders can be stopped. I just wish it didn’t mean so much sacrifice for the innocent.
Will you be holding 2 minutes silence on Sunday?


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