Relaxation, Rest and More: What to Expect at The Big Retreat Wales.

Relaxation, Rest and More: What to Expect at The Big Retreat Wales.


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With just over a month to go before The Big Retreat Wales, I thought I’d share an insight into what you can truly expect from this lovely Welsh Festival. You may have already seen my other post, 10 Reasons to Attend The Big Retreat, but this time I want to go into a bit more depth about this gorgeous event…

The Big Retreat Wales is definitely the kind of festival suited to most people. It’s focus is on well-being and self-care, with entertainment, gorgeous food and drink offerings and other activities adding to the overall experience. As I’ve mentioned before, your ticket includes most of the activities, with only some massage, treatments and water sports at an extra cost.

The Big Retreat has so much to offer, whether you’re keen to get stuck into every activity or you’d prefer to just chill with a tasty gin cocktail and admire the view, you’re sure to have a fabulous time. I am really excited about this festival because it feels somewhat cut-off from the real world (I think that’s the magic and beauty of Wales to be honest!), and I love that it focuses on the well-being of your mind and body.

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However, just because there’s tonnes of yoga and fitness classes to attend (we LOVE yoga!), it doesn’t mean you have to! Your version of relaxing might mean meeting up with friends and family whilst relaxing in the sunshine, it might mean attending one of the workshops with a best friend for a giggle, or it might mean heading out on your own to one of the live talks…

There’s a lot to choose from, and I particularly love the sound of The Cookery Tent, where you can learn about various cookery skills, from Welsh meals with Lisa Fearn to Foraging & Feasting with Jade Mellor. There’s even a juicing class for kids, and I’m definitely taking everyone along to see this!

Another area that doesn’t involve getting too sweaty (although it depends how sunny it gets!) is their Talk Tent, a place to discover new and unusual things, from Creative Writing (yes, please!) with Chelsea Louise Hadden and business hacks to hot creative success with Celebrity Photographer Dan Kennedy.

There’s also the chance to create whilst you’re away from the real world, and there’s some very exciting arts and crafts available! I am absolutely desperate to get our family involved with making wooden spoons, building dens, bracelet making and lots of other lovely things listed here…

All these things (and more!) are included in your ticket price!


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*Photo credit: The Big Retreat.

I’d also like to mention their therapies. These do come at an additional cost, but after having a look at the price list, I feel it’s important to mention how cheap these are. A full boy massage for 60 minutes is merely £35, and even though we’re now a student household, I’m sorely tempted to book one of these! Other therapies range from £15-£40, prices certainly not to be sniffed at!

Of course, if you’re keen to be active, there are all sorts of classes you can attend over the weekend, from Zumba to DanceSing, there’s something for everyone who likes to get a little active!

And let’s not forget the music line-up for the weekend, which will get even the most laid back (me!) folk moving and feeling energised. There’s Ofelia, Rusty Shackle and there’s also a chance for anyone attending to entertain with their open mic session.

I think the greatest thing about The Big Retreat Wales is its variety and steady pace. There’s no pressure to attend this or do that, you’re basically expected to enjoy yourself, your way….

Are you going to The Big Retreat? Have you bought your tickets yet?


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