Reinventing Your Garden With Pallets!

Reinventing Your Garden With Pallets!

Pallets with rope in a heart and title.

There was a time when pallets were just re-used, recycled or chucked on the fire, but in the past 10 years there’s been a huge turnaround in terms of how to use them. They are cost effective, mostly because you can usually pick them up free (!) and all you need are some power tools to get going!

Warren has recently been on a roll with his pallet inventions, and I don’t think he’ll ever get bored of making things for the garden! So I thought I’d write…

6 Ways to Reinvent Your Garden With Pallets!

1. A Seating Area.

Creating a seating area out of pallets is such a fantastic way to make a garden more appealing. You can make them as big or as small as you like,

2. A Veg Patch.

You can use pallets to  create a variety of veg planters, from floor ones to raised beds, like the one Warren recently made for me…

They’re a great addition to any garden, and the raised ones allow you to keep the space looking a little bigger than it would if you had floor based ones. I love our little planter, it’s so cute!

3. Vertical growing.

I absolutely love the idea of vertical growing. We’re yet to dip into this territory, but you can make it as complicated or as simple as you like. I quite like this idea, where you hang pots along the pallet. You could always paint a pallet beforehand to add a splash of colour to your garden.

4. Mud Kitchen.

We received a lovely mud kitchen last year to review, but there’s no reason why you can’t build your own. You can make it the perfect height and size for your children, with as many quirky accessories as you like! A nip round Ikea will give you inspiration for how to design a mud kitchen perfect for messy, inspiring and creative play.

5. Fences.

Who doesn’t dream of a white picket fence?! Well, how about a gorgeous and rustic pallet fence instead? It doesn’t even need to be white. I think this would be such a quirky and inexpensive addition to any garden.

6. Window Box.

The classic window box, but made from pallets. I imagine you could make quite a few from one pallet, and brighten up all the windows in your home in the process!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to reinventing your garden with pallets, all it takes is a little imagination! 

Do you have any more ideas for pallet design? Comment below!

Pallets with a rope in a heart shape and tite.

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