It will never cease to amaze me how much we constantly grow and change as people. Over the years I’ve always been aware of it within myself, and last year left me feeling a bit odd. I went from an overly sensitive, ‘everybody’s friend’ kinda gal to a closed, ‘I won’t stand to be treated in that way’ woman.
I’m still working on the balance between protecting myself and trusting the right people. It’s a hard thing to achieve, though…
I’ve realised a few things about me as a person, and although insightful, some of my traits are hard to work with.
1. I’m passionate about what I do and what my family does… this can be seen as defensive when somebody questions it, but my point is, why is anyone questioning OUR life choices?
2. I like being able to  come and go as I please, to dip in and out of different activities, without the pressure of having to be involved with everything going on all of the time.
3. I am over enthusiastic about the little things, sometimes it’s seen as sarcasm, but I promise, I’m genuine.
4. I cry. A lot. This won’t ever change. I see it as a cleansing process whenever my body needs it…
5. I think kindness is the best trait a person can have. If you’re not kind, you don’t have place on my imaginary island.
6. Sometimes I say strange things, I’ll ask questions about eyebrows or hiccups and that’s okay… but not everyone gets it!
7. I smile. A lot. I’ve been told I smile too much. What the…?
8. I’m totally in love with my husband. And this makes people feel sick or love me more. Never both at the same time.
9. I talk. A lot. You either deal with it or avoid me for the rest of your days… I will never stop talking.
10. I love people. People rock. They shock me, they make me feel gooey inside, they make me laugh and they always surprise me.
Do you have any strong traits? Do you find that you click with some people and not others?


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