Protein Bars perfect for the chocolate lover!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post and I received protein bars free for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Over the past year I’ve really tried to focus on my health, but recently I’ve slipped into some bad habits. I’m currently on a workout mission but the food seems to be harder to tackle, so I’m very excited to have found out about a new range of chocolate Protein Bars, perfect for the chocolate lover who wants to get into shape but still have a tasty snack!
We were sent the following three protein bars to try out:

  • Bounty Protein Bar
  • Mars Protein Bar
  • Snickers Protein Bar

I’m a huge Bounty and Snickers fan, but not so keen on Mars bars, so I was interested to see whether I’d prefer the protein versions or not. The first one Warren and I tried out was the Bounty Protein Bar.


I really loved it, it was creamy and delicious and bigger than a normal Bounty, so it was a real win-win situation! I could imagine this being a really tasty treat to look forward to after a good work-out. Warren and I could have handled a bit more coconut, but it was still super tasty.

The next one we tried was the Mars Protein Bar. Once again it was a decent size and really delicious!


As I said, I’m not a big fan of Mars bars, but I thought this tasted really nice and not as sickly as a normal Mars. Warren thought it was okay, but maybe a little too sweet for his taste.
The final one to try was the Snickers Protein Bar…


This one was a big hit and I’m surprised we didn’t fight over who would finish it. The nutty centre was delicious and it was the one that most resembled it’s ‘normal’ counterpart. This one would definitely be a great reward after hitting the gym!

My favourite was definitely the Bounty Protein Bar but I just think it depends on individual taste. Each bar contains between 18-19 grams of protein and there’s less than 200 calories per bar, so they’re perfect for keeping track of what you’re consuming each day. They’re a handy size so they can slip into your gym bag easily and they won’t even weigh you down with guilt!

They’re low calorie, packed full of protein and, most importantly, scrumptious!
Have you tried them yet? Which is your favourite?


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