Princessa A S Paradiso Art

I completely and utterly admire artists. The patience and dedication shown to each piece of art they produce, plus the ever evolving styles and mediums through which art reaches the world; well it’s not so much as skill as a gift, right?

Recently I was given a very special package from a lovely woman called Princessa A S Paradiso. Inside the package were three stunning portraits, two of my father and one of me.

Before you see the art, I thought it would be good to show you the picture Princessa used to create it from…


And here is the final art piece…


I was absolutely blown away by her creations, she captures people (and animals, if you prefer!) so realistically. On average, it takes Princessa 3-5 hours to complete each piece (sometimes longer). I can’t even imagine where she begins with this kind of art, sketching an outline, adding in all the dots, adding in colour and bringing the person to life; they are simply stunning.


We decided it would be a lovely idea to gift one of the portraits to my mother, since yesterday it would have been my Dad’s birthday.


It looks so much like him and his eyes just pop out of the page! Princessa has obviously take many hours to work on his skin tone, each circle carefully coloured in to create a realistic glow and I particularly love how she has made his hair look whispy and so realistic.



I was really lucky to receive a few images from Princessa to show the stages of creation, so here they are…

And here are a few photographs of the other drawing of my Dad. Isn’t it awesome?! We are frame shopping this weekend so we can hang this one in our house and be reminded of his happy face every single day!

On a personal note, Princessa did create a picture of me too. And I bloody love it! I love how she has created my hair with bright and bold colours and patterns, as well as capturing my funny little face!



Prices start from £35 for A5 unframed images, £45 framed, £45 for  unframed A4 images and £55 for a framed A4 image. You can find out more by visiting Princessa’s Facebook Page and checking her work out on Instagram.

Princessa is a very talented artist, and these portraits are definitely unique. They’d be perfect for Birthday or Christmas gifts, great for blogger images and perfect for people who want to remember their loved ones.


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