Postsnap App Review Update

So, as I said in my  Postsnap App review, I would give you an update on the postcards and card Warren received 🙂
We came home from holiday on Father’s Day and the cards had been delivered in plenty of time (my nosey mother told me so!).
The Father’s Day card was absolutely lovely, really great quality and the kids couldn’t stop laughing at the picture of their Dad! Doesn’t Warren look cute haha!
Warren loved the card, especially after our nightmare flight home! We were also able to have some postcards sent to Warren, these were pretty cool…
I love this photograph, it encapsulates all the love we have in our family, even on the bad days 🙂
And as for this beauty, it brings back so many memories of a day just being crazy, happy and free.
On the back of the postcards we were able to get George and Molly to sign them…
The quality of the cards are great, the delivery was speedy, and now they take pride of place slotted into a mirror in our bedroom.
Postsnap are a great way to show people you care, whatever the occasion 🙂


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