Is it Possible to Find True Love in Today’s Dating Scene?

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I first met Warren in 2007, over ten long years ago. We started dating soon afterwards, thanks to an exchange of numbers one drunken night in Cardiff’s Varsity. We often talk about at how dating was back then, how the dating scene has changed, and we always wonder if we’d have ever met in this day and age…

All the advancements that have occurred in ten years are too many to mention, but a big change has definitely been the dating scene. Back in 2007 Facebook was a baby and MySpace was the place to be seen! When it comes to dating nowadays, there are definitely new and very popular styles of dating such as speed dating, dating sites (such as this free dating site) or simply meeting via the social media.

When it comes to Warren and I being matched by a set of questions, facts and location, I’m not quite sure we would have crossed paths immediately…

When I met Warren we were still both learning about ourselves, changing and growing in certain areas of our lives and our personalities, so our similarities were pretty minimal. I mean, he hadn’t had a curry in his life before I met him… What’s that all about?! That would have been an online deal breaker, surely? Or would it have been a challenge?!

Thinking about all our differences (especially back then) really got me thinking about
whether Warren and I would have met in this current world of internet

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So, I thought I’d make a list. I love lists. I decided to write down the similarities we had between us all those years ago (most of which haven’t changed – these are marked with an *). 

We’ve changed in different ways now, with a lot more things in common to add to the list (like our joint love of curries!), but these are the main reasons I *think* we’d be matched together…

  1.  We both lived in Cardiff*
  2. We both loved having a pint*
  3. We were fiercely loyal*
  4. We were passionate*
  5. We both loved Bon Jovi*
  6. We both loved the darker side of life (Think Stranger Things and vampires!)*
  7. We both liked straightening our hair
  8. We both loved the song: ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ (There’s a joke here I might tell you all one day, but it’s the kinda joke only Warren and I find funny, so I probably won’t…)*
  9. We both liked wearing black (A LOT!)
  10. We were both (and still are) pretty weird*

Actually, looking at this list, I can imagine us being paired up quite early on! We have some weird and wonderful things in common, that would have certainly made us stand out as a match, even back then.

Deep down though, I know that the biggest beauty of our relationship is actually our differences and the fact that we accept them wholeheartedly (excluding Warren’s weird obsession for caps!). And I do wonder if this would be picked up on with online dating, or whether you’re only shown people with things in common with you.

When I think about modern day dating (mostly meeting online and thereafter face-to-face) I also wonder how romantic it really is. Do you still get the butterflies in your tummy after chatting to someone for a while online beforehand? I imagine you do… 

I imagine the feeling of getting to know someone a little and then meeting them is very exciting indeed, and I think I’d be a lot more nervous compared to meeting someone new on a night out. But nerves are good, especially the butterfly variety!

Plus, the great thing about this kind of dating, as opposed to meeting in
the pub, is the fact you can stipulate clearly (in text) what kind of
relationship you’re looking for. So, if you’re keen on companionship but
you aren’t keen on intimacy, then you can clearly state this before you
proceed. If you’re looking for long-term love and not a casual affair, you can put this out there before you’ve even met face-to-face.

There are some interesting ways to go about meeting potential matches online. For example, at
you can create a profile for free and start meeting other like-minded
people straight away. I think the pros far outweigh the cons in a world where there are many more hidden dangers in the dating scene. Although, I’ll always say, it’s important to tell someone where you’re going if you’re meeting someone for the first time, regardless of whether you met them on the net or not.

I think the world is rapidly changing, and dating sites can help link people together that may not have been lucky enough to have met randomly in the pub like Warren and I did.I feel incredibly lucky to have met him in this way, despite all our ups and downs. 

I also firmly believe that we were destined to meet, and even if that was in 2018 I’m sure a search network or dating site would have definitely brought us together.

Do you think you’d have met your long term spouse in today’s dating scene?

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