Planning our Wedding Anniversary with Venue Finder!

Every single year I get super excited about planning all the parties to come, from birthdays to anniversaries, there’s always a chance to celebrate with friends and family. However, when it comes to more people being on the list, our two bedroomed terrace just doesn’t cut it…

 Looking for a venue can be super hard, but when I found out about Venue Finder, I realised there’s a way to remove some stress and add some more excitement to the party organising mix! Venue Finder is super easy to use, you simply pop your requirements in the search box and they do the rest for you. You can register on the site to find out more information, and you can select different options to suit your party size, location, type of venue as well as other options to suit.


There are lots of options for types of venue, from zoos to castles and more! I was surprised to see so many options, and it made me think about our dream to have a big old wedding anniversary party with all our friends and family.

We’ve been talking about it for years, probably since we got married (I know, crazy!) and we’ve always wanted to go with either a masquerade ball or an 80’s disco theme, completely random right? Well, not really…

The 80’s idea comes from our love of the 80’s and it’s the decade we were both born in, but the masquerade idea stems from our Bowie love and the movie Labyrinth. As we signed our marriage certificate this song played in the background…

I think I’m more taken by the masquerade idea, and I can imagine it working in some of the venues suggested by Venue Finder, such as Celtic Manor or more unusual venues like the Coliseum Theatre! I can just imagine our party now, and I think it’s helped confirm the theme that would work the most, can you guess what I’m thinking?!

Yes, a masquerade ball!


Let’s just say, this has opened a door to so many different ideas and possibilities, and I’m not looking back!

What would you use Venue Finder for?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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