Pieminister: The Best That Money Can Pie!

Pieminister: The Best That Money Can Pie!

pieminister: the best that money can pie with a blurry light background.
*Thanks to Pieminister for having us along to review their lovely food! All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

We were recently invited to try out some pie and ice cream at Pieminister in Cardiff, and if you know us and food, we couldn’t wait! Warren and I have been there before a couple of times, but we’ve never taken the kiddies. I was really intrigued as to whether they’d be keen on any of the pies, as well as their take on the new ? ice cream.

Pieminister is one of the many eateries scattered along St Mary’s Street, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best. When you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted with happy faces from the very friendly staff and you’re guided to your table. The restaurant is very quirky, with lots to look at and take in…

a flag advertising Pieminister with the sun shining across the buildings.

a large screen advertising movies such as 'pie hard' or 'pie robot'

a black and white wall display with pie & mash written across several picture frames.

interior photo of pieminister, lots of wood and cool lampshades.

interior of restaurant with windows and people outside.
a young girl sat at a table with photoframes in the background.

George and Molly chose a sweet little booth and we all settled down to look at the menu. There’s a lovely selection of pies and sides, but of course I had to try their vegan pie, Kevin! I’ve been waiting to try it for ages, so I was excited, but also a little hesitant as I’m not a massive mushroom fan. The pie consists of mushrooms, tomato and red wine, baby onions and thyme…

pie and chips on a plate at pieminister.
pie on a fork at pieminister

Molly went for a vegetarian pie, Heidi, packed full of spinach, goat’s cheese and sweet potato. George and Warren both chose the Chicken of Aragon pie, which consists of chicken, bacon and tarragon with a side of onion rings…


pie cut open and filling poking out.
onion rings in  bowl.

I needn’t have worried about my pie, it was beyond delicious and I wolfed it down! It had so much flavour and depth, and I think it’s probably the loveliest vegan meal I’ve eaten out so far…

an empty plate!

When it comes to sides, you have a choice of beans, mash, minted mushy peas, or you can opt for super sides, skin on fries, cheesy mash, macaroni cheese or salt and pepper onion rings. The menu is well laid out and you can easily see which options are vegan. The biggest highlight for me was having vegan gravy; it was gorgeous and such a treat!

There’s also a downstairs area, for when the restaurant becomes busy, and it’s just as lovely as the upstairs…

tables and chairs in the downtairs of pieminister

a quote on a mirror 'mash made in heaven'

a selection of seating and a wall with lots of posters on the wall.

After our delicious dinner, George and Molly chose a soft serve sundae each. Molly went for the apple pie and George chose the lemon meringue, and they loved them!

ice cream menu

ice cream with sauce dripping down the side.

a young girl eating icecream.

a waffle base with icecream and meringue

A boy with a spoon in his mouth, posing.

We had such a lovely evening at Pieminister, and I can’t thank them enough for inviting us to check out their food. Our meal would have come to around £50 altogether, which is fantastic for four main meals, a side, four drinks (including beer for the old uns) and two puddings.

The food is such high quality, exceedingly delicious and the staff are so welcoming and helpful. It was a pleasure to attend!

Have you been to Pieminister yet? What did you think? Check out Cardiff Mummy Says post on this also :

pie and chips birdseye view!

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