Personalised Aprons from Arty Apple!

We love baking in our house; the whole activity from start to finish is so much fun – and mess! George and Molly recently received two personalised aprons from Arty Apple and well, they’re pretty gorgeous, and practical!

The aprons were presented in a gorgeous Arty Apple box and wrapped in tissue paper, the attention to detail was faultless and it’s the kind of sturdy box that will easily come in use for storage or (like George and Molly do) it can be used a place to store precious trinkets!



The aprons are made from indigo denim and come with either a gingerbread man/cupcake and your child’s name on the front.


We decided to make cookies on a Monday morning; a chance to munch on something tasty and wear the aprons for the first time. George and Molly hadn’t seen them as we’d taken some photos before use, so it was really exciting to unveil them!

If you know me well you’ll know I’m not huge on the whole concept of pink for girls and blue for boys, but it’s also up to my children what colours they like, not me! George loved his apron and Molly loved his too; I think it was the gingerbread man that did it!

Their cooking skills are improving week on week, and this time they made their own batch of cookies! It was great watching them work hard at creating something, and later share it…

The aprons look so great on, and I love the fact they’re made from denim, it immediately makes me think, ‘washable and hard wearing’. So I know that this kind of purchase is for an item that will last years to come and it’s personalised, what’s not to love about that?!I actually want one for myself!

The aprons are £13.00 and available in sizes 2-6 years and 7-13 years.

I love these aprons and I think they’d make the perfect gift for any child 🙂


Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for review. all opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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