pBuzz Review

In June we were sent the pBuzz, the new musical instrument from  Warwick Music. George and Molly couldn’t wait to tear open the box and get started!


The pBuzz is £19.99 and it’s made from lightweight plastic. To me, this means it’s easier for the kids to hold, use and carry from place to place. I love the bright red colour too, it really stands out!



There are ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings on the instrument so that children (and adults!) know where to place their hands.

I’m going to be honest here, it’s not a quiet instrument. We are a very loud family, we like to be crazy and jazz life up, it’s not a dull house, so this kinda instrument fits in pretty well with that.

The only issue we had was when it came to dogface. He really did not like the sound of the pBuzz, so whenever we used it we made sure he was in a safe space away from the sound.

This instrument seems ideal for children learning about brass instruments, a real starter instrument leading to other more specialist areas as they grow and develop.

I like it’s simplicity, but feel it is a little limited in providing a large selection of sounds/notes. However, George and Molly just liked using it and making noise!

Even Nanny Kim had a go!

It is fun for all the family, especially one like ours…

George and Molly enjoyed experimenting with the pBuzz, and I think it’s a great starter instrument for kids.

Have you tried the pBuzz out? What do you think?


pBuzz Press Release


Discover the joy of music in seconds, learn to play in minutes and enjoy for a lifetime – pBuzz is a completely new musical instrument. 

More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone – pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime.

Research has shown that youngsters who have early exposure to musical instruments develop areas of the brain that relate to social, language and reasoning skills, as well as memory.  Early exposure to a playful product such as the pBuzz can help develop a child’s sensory and fine motor skills, encourage self-expression, stimulate imagination and creativity, build confidence and nurture their natural music talents.

Designed by a team of British musicians, the brightly coloured, light and smooth curved edged product has been designed specifically for little hands.  Simple and easy to play, the mouthpiece makes it the perfect introduction to music for early learners.

Priced just £19.99, pBuzz is available from all good toy and music retailers.


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