Parc Play Cardiff

Parc Play Cardiff

I had the pleasure of attending a play session at Parc Play recently and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We caught the train to Cardiff and if you leave through the back of the station it is literally a five minute walk to the play park.
We arrived to a clear list of ‘rules’ for the park, so we quickly went over them. The most important ones are:
* Keep your shoes on
*Keep sand and sand toys in the sand area
* Children are the responsiblity of the parent at all times
We rolled with the rules and headed inside…

The cute vintage style, natural wood and calm atmosphere is really welcoming and it was easy to settle into the vibe of the place. George and Molly instantly fell in love with the sand and the pirate ship area was a huge hit.
The one thing I loved about the place is the fact that once you’ve bought a hot drink, if you keep the cup you can get half priced refills! The food was also reasonably priced and really tasty.
Whilst we were there we witnessed a huge hailstorm! It was super awesome, but afterwards everyone was chilly and a bit soggy. This was quickly rectified because they have a stash of cosy fleece blankets for people to use!
What’s so lovely about Parc Play is the mixture of indoor and outdoor elements as well as the vast amount of space. George and Molly whizzed around the place in no time! Their favourite areas included the spinny-cup and the slides. George adored the zipwire and they both just loved exploring the place over and over again.
We adored our visit and will be returning very soon! Check out the slideshow below for more pictures!
Have you been to Parc Play? What did you think of it?


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