Own a Moment: the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion.

Picture of framed certificate with title in front.
*Thank you to Own a Moment for this product in exchange for review.

I was recently asked to review a keepsake gift from Own a Moment, a company specialising in time. Their concept is focused on owning a moment in time, a memory never to be forgotten, a product that also makes the most perfect gift.

Own a Moment has a very handy tool on their website to help you see if your moment is available. You simply input the date and time and it tells you whether you can purchase it or not. The Official Time Registry records all dates purchased, so that there aren’t any duplicates, because that would be a little annoying!

The website is very easy to use, you simply fill out your date and time and follow the instruction on screen. When you’ve decided on your date and time, you are given time slot options at 15 second intervals to choose from. When you decide and click on it you are taken to a design page where you can fill out specific details.

You can add a quote from yourself, the recipient’s name, your name and you can add in a photograph. Finally it’s time to choose between the frame options; you can have it digitally downloaded, printed off without a frame or you can choose from gunmetal silver, white gloss, antique pine or dark walnut. 

 I think it took me about ten minutes altogether to complete my
certificate of time, from choosing the exact date and time to filling
out a little quote to choosing which particular frame.

A digitally downloaded version currently costs £12.50 (RRP £23.50), printed costs £16.00 (RRP £26.00) and framed costs between £21-23.00 reduced from £32-26.00 at the moment. Shipping costs £2.99 (£7.99 International) and there’s also an option for gift wrapping for £2.99, which looks like this…

A white envelope with a simple red ribbon.

 I like the simplicity of the gift wrapping, it means you could add personal touches, message cards, anything you like, onto the white envelope. I’d decided to gift this to Warren, so he opened it up and it was all very exciting indeed!

Here is how it turned out…

A picture of the framed certificate. A photo of Warren and I and Warren's name in bold.

 I absolutely love it and I’m really pleased with how it turned out… BUT, I did make a tiny error, only visible and important to me once we’d received the gift…

A message to the recipient, mine says, ' I love you with all of my heart, this moment will never be forgotten. TMDC. Love Kelly.'

I totally forgot to put kisses! Shocking, I know. But it does give me an excuse to just give him kisses in real life, right?!

In all seriousness, please do check your message (several times!), but if you do make a mistake, the team at Own a Moment do check for errors, spelling mistakes and picture locations. This is a fantastic feature (it doesn’t extend to kisses though!). 
I really love how this gift is a firm reminder of an amazing time in our lives, one we’ll never forget! I know each time I look at it I will be able to remember each moment of the day I said, ‘I do.’ to Warren, and how much we love each other. 

A close up picture of the framed certificate, a lady and man looking into each others eyes pictures on the certificate.

A close up picture of the certificate saying that it certifies that Warren Allen owns this particular moment.

I love the little details upon the certificate, especially the section about the Official Time Registry, a place that records each and every moment.

I also love the cover letter that arrives with the gift, it feels very professional and personal all at once and it’s a keepsake in itself!

Covering letter from Own a Moment.

I think Own a Moment could be used for so many occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, births, graduations or simply those amazing moments shared between loved ones.

What moment would you love to buy for a loved one?

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