‘Owl Always Love You!’ Card: Perfect for Your Valentine. #BostikBlogger

‘Owl Always Love You!’ Card: Perfect for Your Valentine. #BostikBlogger
*Disclosure: We received a Craft Merrily kit and Bostik bits in exchange for this post.

We were so excited to be chosen as part of the #BostikBlogger team this year, we absolutely adore crafting and creating and our house is often scattered with glitter and glue sticks. Our first box from Craft Merrily arrived and it was full to the brim with pretty love related bits and bobs – from hearts to floral paper there were quite a few different avenues we could have chosen…

I actually wasn’t going to suggest a card (I felt it was a bit too obvious), but when we saw the doily heart we all agreed it looked like one of our favourite birds, an owl. From this developed a simple idea suitable for all ages – a card with the phrase ‘Owl Always Love You!’ and a decorated doily on the front. It’s incredibly simple to make but it’s also incredibly gorgeous.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started (feel free to improvise!):

  • One or two pieces of card.
  • Pretty tape.
  • A doily heart.
  • heart embellishments (to add special features such as a beak!).
  • A sharpie in the colour of your choice.
  • Bostik Glue Dots

Here’s how you make your beautif-owl (see what I did there?!) card…

Step 1

Fold a large piece of card in half or stick two pieces together with pretty tape. If you fold a large piece in half decorate the seam with tape.

Step 2

Attach the heart owl shaped doily with Bostik Glue dots.

Step 3

Time to give the cute owl a loving belly! Add a foam heart and embellished heart on top with the Bostik Glue Dots.

Step 4

Add a cute heart beak to your owl using the sticky dots.

Step 5

Using a sharpie, add little owl feet and eyes…

Step 6

Finally write your message: ‘Owl Always Love You!’.

George and I worked on this project together and the result is completely lovely. I think it’s such a sweet craft and really suitable for all ages. For younger ones they can stick and adults can write, and for older children, well they can do most of it and nudge us old uns when they need a hand!

Now I wonder who he’ll give it to?!

If you have a go at this craft I’d love to see how your cards turn out, please share!

Thanks to Craft Merrily and Bostik for supplying all the things we needed to create this very lovely Valentine’s card.

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