Not ‘Back to School’ Shoes from Jake Shoes!

Not ‘Back to School’ Shoes from Jake Shoes!

You probably already know we are a home educating family; our learning is
pretty organic and life led, from crafting and meeting friends to
family adventures – it’s an interesting journey indeed! In fact, it’s the kind of journey that needs decent footwear! Even
though we don’t have set terms or dates, we still need to be prepared
when it comes to footwear. If anything, George and Molly’s shoes need to
be more hard-wearing and high
quality when it comes to our little outdoor adventures…

Jake Shoes recently sent us two pairs of fabulous Converse All Star Hi Kids Boots (prices start from £26.99) for
George and Molly to test out, and they couldn’t wait to pop them on
and go adventuring! 

I have pretty damaged, painful and strange looking feet,
so I’m very aware of my children wearing suitable shoes. Molly has
wide feet and a lot of places don’t actually cater for them, but
Converse have always suited me, so I was looking forward to
seeing how they’d fit her feet (as well as George’s long narrow ones)!

The shoes arrived in perfect condition and we tried them out
straight away. George and Molly can be a bit particular over shoes, but they didn’t fuss
or complain and it was so fab seeing them in funky yet smart shoes
that can also be used for several occasions. From playing in the park to
going to the theatre, these shoes are perfect for events, days out and
much more…

They’re also perfect for any kind of outfit, and as usual Molly is
rocking them with a dress! I love how comfortable and smart they
look, and George and Molly certainly had fun trying them out!

I absolutely adore how cool these shoes are, and because of their arrival we looked into the history of Converse and discovered they’ve been around for over 100 years! How awesome is that?! Converse seem totally focused on individuality; something that really stands out as a brand…

These fab shoes can be found over at Jake Shoes and you can access 10% off your first oder if you sign up to their mailing list! If you aren’t Converse fans (I know, I know!) there are so many other options in their school range, from retro Kickers to the coveted patent shoe! They offer a vast array of shoes, for kids going to school or for those who live a different kind of life, and in my opinion their shoes are suitable for each and every kinda kid!

We love Jake Shoes, and we’ll be returning very soon to buy more pairs for even more adventures!

Which shoes would your children choose from Jake Shoes?

Disclosure: I received shoes in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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