#NoddyChallenge: Make a ‘Jangly Felt Noddy’ with your little ones!

#NoddyChallenge: Make a ‘Jangly Felt Noddy’ with your little ones!

Who doesn’t love Noddy? He’s ace and so are his wonderful crew of pals (and enemies if you count pesky Sly and Gobbo!), from fun-filled tales of friendship to colourful illustrations, Enid Blyton created a classic character for generations to come.
We were really excited to read about the #NoddyChallenge, and so we set to work to create something inspired by Noddy! Now, I didn’t search for any ideas online, but I think Warren’s idea is pretty unique and so cute!

So the brains behind the idea belonged to Warren, and that’s where he kinda left us to it. ‘Create a felt Noddy!’ he said, with a glint in his eye, so armed with felt, needles and a jingly-jangly bell, we did…

I think we could have made it a lot simpler if we’d had larger chunks of felt to play with, but I like to recycle and hate waste, so we used what we had and it turned out quite well (I think!). First up was the job of cutting the right pieces for our final Noddy. This involved using a little bowl to draw around and cut out for his head, and I used a print-out to sketch out his hat free-hand on a piece of blue felt, as well as his yellow scarf. 

It was very much trial and error and it was exciting to prepare this for the kiddies the next day. Obviously this could all be done by the children themselves, but I think it would be easier if it was just two pieces of material being stitched, such as a star or heart.

Next it was time to use the hot glue gun. This job befell to me, because I’m the responsible adult (who are they kidding?!) and so I glued all the right pieces together for both sides of what would become a Jingly Jangly Noddy. 

The next day George, Molly and I sat around the kitchen table and set to work on the fun parts! We needed to stitch the two parts together and decorate…

George was in charge of cutting up Noddy’s hair whilst I held Noddy’s head whilst Molly sewed the pieces together. Molly’s sewing skills have always been pretty good, so it’s nice to go back to this skill and see the improvement. 

 Towards the end of the stitching process, it was time to stuff Noddy’s face and hat, and both George and Molly had a go at this!

We then finished stitching him up and added the iconic bell to the end of his hat and then Molly added hair, eyes, nose, mouth to his face and red spots to his scarf!

Here is our final #NoddyChallenge masterpiece…

He’s so cute and incredibly jangly! We added in a ribbon so we can hang him up somewhere and listen to him jingle-jangle. We also made a little video so you can hear his bell…

We loved making this craft together, and it reminded me of how special Noddy actually is. He always manages to bring people together, the stories offering positivity and triumph over the darker forces of the Goblins. They work together, just like we did, and create fantastic results, but always it’s about being together and being happy. This craft was fun, creative, skillful and it was definitely made with lots of love.

This is our entry into the #NoddyChallenge Blogger Challenge in
association with Tots100 and The Book People. You can find the details
of the challenge here.

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