MY NAMETAGS Mr Men and Little Miss Review

There’s nothing quite so sweet as a washable Mr Men name tag, is there? My Nametags offer an array of stick-on tags for children and adults alike, and wow do their uses go on and on…
Their website is very user friendly, as you can see in the picture below, you simply add in the details you would like to be printed on your tags. Once you’ve chosen your design you simply head to the checkout and voilà!
You get 56 tags for £13.95 plus £1 p&p. The tags are 100% waterproof, they’re dishwasher proof and they have a 10 year guarantee when it comes to washing them! That’s pretty awesome, right?
George and Molly were super excited to pick their designs. George chose a red background with Mr Happy on the front, whilst Molly went for a pink background and Little Miss Princess.
It didn’t take long for the order to arrive, and once the envelope had been tore open there was no stopping the crazy kids!
The first thing they labelled was their suitcase, ready just in time for their first flight on the weekend. They loved it!
The labels are excellent quality, you can feel their strength just by touching them. Molly likened them to plasters and I guess she has a point, they appear to be very durable.
I really like that you can add a phone number as well a name, it means that if an item gets lost it can be returned back to the children. I also think it saves so much time if you want to add these to clothing and shoes, not only do you cut out the hassle of having to sew or write it on (repeatedly!) you can also get the kiddies involved in sticking them on!
These are a great investment, from labelling their teddy’s label to sticking one onto their favourite pencils, these a must have for all sorts of situations.
Disclosure: I was given a selection of name tags in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.


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