My Love for Yondu – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 at Chapter Arts.

When I saw the first instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy, I truly couldn’t wait to see the sequel. It’s the kind of movie I’d happily watch over and over again, and after visiting Chapter Arts yesterday, I can safely say the same about Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2.

The story follows the Guardians of the Galaxy as they embark on a dangerous yet deeply satisfying adventure once again. When Rocket steals from the Sovereign they are forced to race through space where a mysterious stranger saves them from the Sovereign’s advances. When the stranger turns out to be Star-Lord’s Father, things begin to unravel and it’s down to them to work as a team to save the galaxy once more.

As soon as the film began I was (obviously) hooked. Both films are firmly planted in my mind as having some of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard, and the lack of Bowie in Vol 2 is actually made up for with an opening scene from the Guardians with Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr Blue Sky as Groot dances across the screen. It’s an outstanding start; uplifting, humorous and action-packed.

Not only that, but adding in a dash of Kurt Russell was absolute genius. He suits the role of Peter’s father, Ego, perfectly.  The CGI used at the beginning of the movie (and of course, throughout) allowing Russell to look younger than his present self is outstanding and made me yearn for days of Overboard and Big Trouble in Little China.

The storyline is easy to follow, and the visual elements of the movie blew me away. Yondu’s arrow scene stands out as one of the best parts of the movie; he’s absolutely amazing and this moment shows the character in all his glory. I loved Yondu in the first film, and this love grew in Vol 2, so by the end of the film I was pretty emotional to see Peter and Yondu re-connect as father and son. Michael Rooker excels as the captain of a team of Ravagers, full of arrogance and pride, yet underneath a heart as big as the ocean.

There was a bit of everything throughout Vol 2, romance and revenge, love and honour, trust and friendship, but the biggest theme seemed to revolve around family, in particular family as a concept as opposed to a bloodline. I will, as usual, admit that I cried quite a lot at the end of this film, the opposite reaction to the first instalment when all my tears came at the beginning when Peter’s mother died.

This movie is a complete stand-alone… Of course watching
both is a bonus, but you can quite easily see this movie without having
seen the first (I’m not sure why you would, but there you are..). I
guess I’m trying to say it holds its own; it’s not a mere extension of
the first movie.

There are, as usual, extra special quirks only seen in Marvel movies, such as cameos from Stan Lee and The Hoff as well as a teasing glimpse of Howard the Duck! The cast is strong, the characters unravel a little bit more and the soundtrack will get you tapping your feet whilst you watch the magic of the movies right before your very eyes…

I cannot help but hope for a third instalment!

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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