My Favourite Toy

I was given a toy for my birthday this year, and when I opened it I actually cried. In that moment I was 9  again. It was also in that moment that I truly realised the importance of play during childhood and all the wonderful skills formed during it.
This toy was the kind of toy I played with until I was about 13, and I only stopped because it wasn’t cool in school to continue. Now I have two kids, well I’m back in my element and our collection is growing!
So, without further ado, here is my favourite toy…
There are so many reasons I love dolls; they each have their own unique character, I can style their hair and clothes, I can add accesories and when I was a kid I’d make them kiss each other and get married haha!
As a parent, I see them in a different light, an extra dimension. I know that I can use play with dolls to discuss deeper issues in the world, like racism, sexism and homophobia. My children don’t actually flinch when I marry my two female dolls or the male doll is a stay-at-home-dad and they love Tiana as much as they love Aurora.
We’ve had a really exciting few months with dolls too because they keep showing up in our local charity shop for 80p each! We bought some a few weeks ago and they all had little knitted outfits; they are totally awesome.
It’s great to put your style into each outfit, and George is one of the best at this in our house. He loves dressing them up and then using the car as a taxi! Which moves me onto another fab thing about dolls; accessories! You can put shoes on them, they can have bags, hats, sunglasses, cute puppies, anything really! The doll world starts to build around you and it’s almost like a mini-version of life.
Further to that, I love that both George and Molly love dolls. They both love dressing them and acting out scenarios with them, and although I know full well Molly loves them more, when I see George playing with them with her, I feel so proud.
DSC_1177 (2)
So yeah, my favourite toy ever has to be dolls. And who couldn’t love the interactive, quirky and developmental nature of such a toy? I promise that this collection will grow and, if at age 13, the kids don’t want them anymore because of peer pressure, I’ll keep them myself!
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