My Dream Wedding Anniversary!

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Wedding anniversaries are always so exciting, but this year is going to be a big one for us! In December it will have been exactly ten years since I married Warren Allen, and to this day it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I never thought I’d be the ‘married’ type, but when it comes to Warren I’d pretty much do anything. Well, almost anything…

This year has come around fast (as does every year since getting a little older and becoming a parent), and it’s really got me thinking, How are we going to celebrate those fantastic ten years of wedded bliss?! 

In answer to my own (and maybe your) question, I’ve popped together all the things I’d love to do (but probably won’t!) for our ten year wedding anniversary…

My Dream Wedding Anniversary…

1. Have a party!

I would love to arrange a massive party akin to the wedding we had all those years ago. I’d love to plan and arrange something so special, with all those people who are still there for me to celebrate together. I’d love to look at venues, plan the design of the whole event and basically have a bit of a second wedding with my gorgeous husband! There are a lot of places to discover from the comfort of your own home, a simple google search can take you to this website, where you can discover plenty of options to suit your personal budget and tastes. I also think searching with keywords such as ‘venue hire cardiff’ is really useful to get started.

2. Get away…

Oh how I love to have the occasional night away with Warren. It really helps us to reconnect and spend quality time together. We don’t have to do anything fancy, it usually involves food, drinks and cinema, but it’s so special to get that important one-on-one time together. Our wedding anniversary is an excellent excuse to book a little B&B or hotel this year for sure!

3. Buy a fancy dress.

No, I’m not talking about fancy dress (I know, who am I and what have I done with Kelly?!), But seriously, I would love to buy a lovely dress to remind me of the day we got married. Obviously I can’t head to a wedding dress shop (unless we plan to renew our vows!) but there are lots of online options to choose from. I absolutely adore this cool prom dress finder,and I’m a huge fan of tulle, so this skirt would definitely be on my ‘want’ list! There’s nothing quite like putting together an outfit for your wedding day, and I think it would be wonderful to recreate that feeling on our anniversary.

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4. Eat a delicious meal.

We obviously don’t do this often enough, because it feels very important to add to the list. A candlelit dinner or a family meal out would be so magical. I love being surrounded by those I love so taking the kids with us for food would be just as lovely…

5. Have a honeymoon!

What a dream this would be! I’d love us to go on the honeymoon we never had. Whether to a beach, to a snowy retreat or a city sightseeing in a far off country, having the honeymoon we never had is definitely on the list of dream things to do for our wedding anniversary!

6. Reminisce. 

From watching wedding videos to checking out the photos of our younger selves, remembering what it was like all those years ago is so important. I really love looking back and seeing how far we’ve all come and how much stronger we are these days. I also love remembering our exchange of vows and how magical it felt to commit fully to Warren, because, well, you know, he’s ace…

This list isn’t exhaustive in any way, in fact it outlines some really lovely and simple ideas to bring the magic from our wedding day into the present. Whether we manage to eat out or just cook for ourselves, I know one thing is for sure – the love we have now has grown and will continue to grow, until death do us part.

What would you do for your wedding anniversary?


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