My children were in charge for the day, and this is what happened…

This week George and Molly had a full day of being ‘in charge’
which consisted of them having a day each where they could choose
everything we do, from food to activities. Even though we have a very
child-led lifestyle, I was a bit apprehensive about a few things. I
thought we’d end up eating sweets for breakfast and playing video
games all day long.

Well it turns out, I was wrong. Here’s what happened…

From play-dough to dog walks, movies to jigsaws, we did a lot in
the two days George and Molly were in charge. I learnt a lot along
the way, and by observing the days, I realised just how special it
was to give them the power of organising and leading activities and
decision making, compromise and trying to fit everything in. This is
what I learnt about my children…

1. My children are thoughtful.

Both George and Molly had a day each, and on both days I noticed
they considered each other at certain points during both days. George
didn’t force certain things on people, for example, his breakfast
choice for everyone was, ‘Whatever you want!’ and he chose specific
lunches for everyone, which made me realise he was choosing food
based on everyone’s individual preferences- how amazing is he?!

2. My children are happy.

They were both in their elements when they were doing the things
they wanted as well as the things they didn’t want to do!

3. My children are always keen to do more!

They crammed in as much as they could on their chosen days and it
was fun to see them fulfilling their time in such a fun and enjoyable

4. My children learnt that time is precious.

The mornings were the most difficult because I normally take
charge and get everyone ready and out with the dog, but I really had
to force myself to step back and they learnt (the hard way) that
times flies. This was a great part of the experience and I know we’ve
all learnt from it.

5. My children showed me how to play and relax again…

We played dolls, jigsaws, video games and generally had fun. I
stopped worrying about that thing called life and got stuck in and I
feel more relaxed for it! It was great to see their imaginations
brimming and to be a part of that.

6. My children showed kindness.

George surprised me a lot. He’s quite headstrong but he was
actually very kind. For example, when Molly didn’t want to do an
activity, he didn’t force her. She went off at one point to play with
play dough and later he joined her! It was beautiful but quite a

7. My children were passionate and had real grown-up debates about
their day.

They loved choosing everything we did, from food to alone time, it
was wonderful. They debated how and when on each other’s days and I
didn’t need to get involved, they were mature and so incredibly kind!

8. My children are children.

There was the odd meltdown, and to be fair I know adults who have
meltdowns, and I just think these happen when things are a bit too
much or life shifts a little too much. A lot of it came from not
wanting to do something or being bored by the chosen activity. What
transpired was the child in charge suggesting the other child go and
do what they’d prefer to do instead. And you know what, it worked!

9. My children are growing up.

They are growing so fast, and I realised today how much I need to
remember that. Hugging George and Molly whilst watching a movie,
talking to George about zombies and seeing his face light up with
intrigue, getting down on the ground and playing dolls with both of
them, it’s not going to last forever…

10. We should do this more often.
So, what am I saying?! Well it’s simple, let your kids be bold and
brave and let them make more decisions. Obviously this is an extreme
example because George and Molly were choosing everything for
everyone. Our normal life is mostly George and Molly, Warren and
myself making our own decisions on food (yes, sometimes there are
several different meals being eaten around the table!) and we
generally debate the rest of life! My point is, let go of the reigns
now and again, give them the power and trust them, because they might
just surprise you!

Would you let your children be totally in charge for the day?!


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