Moving House:When You Realise Less is More

We’re moving house this week. Again. If you’re bored by this, imagine how we feel… Actually, no… We’re really excited because we’re moving to a place that we feel is home to us (for now) and it’s the right move for us, but with this move I’ve been enlightened…
Everytime we move house I pack like there’s no tomorrow. Everything goes into boxes apart from the stuff we need. And there it is. I don’t NEED anyof the stuff that’s packed. I like it, some of it is pretty, some of it is fun, but there is no way at all that I NEED it.
This was a clear revelation and it made me feel a bit odd. Do I get rid of all our boxes of stuff I don’t need? The boxes full of things I’ve forgotten about? Or do I take them and open them and slot them back into our clean and clear lives?
Since packing away all our stuff our house has felt simpler, my mind clearer and our lives less cluttered. The kids have played more, not overwhelmed by ‘stuff’, their imaginations have become even more wonderfully adventurous.
I’m not sure I want to destroy such a beautiful thing. I’m not sure I want to burden our new home with ‘stuff’.
So we move this week, and for now I’ll take the boxes, but whether we unpack them is another thing.
Here’s to the freedom and clarity of a simple life.


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