Moving Home!

Yes, we did it. We’ve moved from Llantrisant and we are now residents of Llantwit Major. It’s been an exciting, tiring and emotional rollercoaster getting here though, so I thought I’d write about the highs and lows of moving home…

1. We had an awesome response from people when they found out we were leaving. Kind words and cuddles were top of the list in the weeks building to the big move.

2. We’re exhausted. We haven’t stopped. We’ve still got things to unpack and sort and the thought of it makes me yawn.

3. We have wonderful friends. From people texting to see how it’s all going to the fabulous folk that helped us move in a day, you are so special to us. Thank you.

4. We’re strangers. This can be good and bad, I suppose!

5. We are on the phone. A lot. Changing address is a pain in the bum.

6. It’s a different world. Being a stranger has its perks, you have no one to answer to. It’s a nice kinda freedom.

7. I had the best last day in Llantrisant, and we left on a high. It will always have a special place in my heart.

8. It feels like Christmas, or a least, that’s what I’m telling myself. As I unpack I find things I’d long forgotten about and it feels fuzzy in my tummy, love our memories and trinkets and bits and bobs.

9. It’s hard to choose which job to do next. Unpack, clean, play with kiddies, go shopping… Warren has gone with ‘fix and paint fence’ and I’m still flitting from one job to the next!

10. Everything fits.
When you find the right home, the right area, the right vibe, well all I can say is, Llantwit Major is already stealing our hearts… Well, we thought this was true, and well, the furniture does indeed fit.. But after a few weeks we realised we missed LLantrisant, it had become our home and already owned our hearts. More news soon…


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