Movie Review: Lady Bird at Chapter Arts.

Movie Review: Lady Bird at Chapter Arts.

*Thank you Chapter for the review tickets.

Last night Warren and I visited Chapter to see the latest coming of age story, Lady Bird. We haven’t been to the cinema in ages, and Chapter is our fave, so we were excited to get there early and have a little tipple before the film began. It was buzzing when we arrived and I realised just how much I’d missed popping in over the past few months (mostly because of the weather or our crazy commitments!). 

It was super nice to be back and I was super excited to discover we were going to see the movie in Screen 2; the super cute old fashioned one with starry lights! The performance was quite a sellout, which is fab in terms of atmosphere, but finding seats did prove a little tricky for some people. Leaving spaces between you and the next person is just not necessary… it’s one of my major pet hates! So remember, fill all the spaces so everyone can have a seat and sit next to their pals!

Lady Bird Review

Lady Bird stars  Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird, whose previous work includes The Lovely Bones and Hanna. I’ve always thought she’s a very talented actress, and as soon as I saw her on the screen I was really excited to see her in the role of Lady Bird…

There’s a lot to take in with this movie; from huge honesty when it comes to mental health, virginity, the task of growing up and so much more, it touched on some major teenage topics. I thought they were well executed and consistent with my own teenaged experiences; I definitely related to Lady Bird, more than once! 

In terms of style, I loved the gritty vibe running throughout, it made the film feel all the more real and interesting. I thought the soundtrack was good, as well as the performances from the main cast; they were all amazing! 

Direction and certain shots made me feel part of the movie, and there were times when I couldn’t help but shed a tear.  I think the representation of an array of teenagers is spot on; sometimes they’re moody, irritable or confused, sometimes they’re sad or angry and most the time they’re just trying to figure out who they are meant to be.

I found the mother/daughter relationship a little hard to swallow at times; I thought their interaction as mother/daughter was, to a point, quite sad, but also there are some harsh realities and way too much for me to personally relate to.

The storyline is really interesting and it reminded me quite a lot of my own childhood, and how much love there is in the form of solid friendships. The ups and downs of teenage friendships was well portrayed, and classic of teenage angst movies. 

I absolutely loved the father (Tracy Letts) in this movie, he is kind and sweet and very humble. I thought his relationship with Lady Bird was really lovely, and they appeared to have a strong and respectful bond. 

Overall, this movie is a reflection of life, a time when we all discovered parts of ourself. A place in all our lives when we began to see who we would become, and how the world around us doesn’t always make sense, no matter how old we are…

Will you be going to see this movie? Let me know your thoughts.

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