Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget!

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*I received these items to feature in my guide. All opinions are honest and my own.

Mother’s Day is one of those occasions when we get to say thank you to the ones we adore, the ones who brought us into this world and filled our hearts with love and joy. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for Nanny Kim, but at the same time, I’m also browsing the shelves for myself. After all, being a mother is my favourite thing in the whole wide world!

MYself with George and Molly, all smiling.

I have some utterly lovely and sweet gifts perfect for any and all kinds of mothers out there, from sweet treats to wine these gift are perfect for any budget. I promise you won’t be disappointed with my list!

14 Mother’s Day Gifts for Any Budget!

1. English tea…

Tea is always top of my list when it comes to feeling relaxed and taken care of. There’s nothing like a cuppa to make your day brighter, and with this gorgeous Premium Tea Collection from English Tea Shop gift set, you cannot go wrong! This gorgeous box is full of 4  hand picked pyramid tea bags in various yummy flavours including green tea, Darjeeling and other exotic flavours. You can get 2 of these gorgeous boxes of tea for £20.00 from Amazon.

A round pink cardboard box with tea pyramids inside and love spelt out with buttons beside it.

2. A handwarmer…

 I love being warm, it’s one of those things that brings a pleasure to my heart. Cosied up with a book and a blanket, a hand warmer from Zippo would only add to that comfort. These fab and funky hand warmers can also be engraved, adding that special touch to such a sweet gift.

Zippo Handwarmer in pink.

Zippo handwarner in black.

Of course, you could always stick with a lighter from Zippo; they’re so incredibly awesome and very high quality. I love the idea of using them for candles, camping or incense – my favourite way to relax! They have so many options you’ll be spoilt for choice, but to save you the trouble you could easily get one for your mother and one for yourself!
A zippo box with a silver lighter leaning against it imprinted with a heart made from two fingerprints.

3. Jelly Belly!

Love Jelly Belly? Love prosecco? Well here’s the perfect combo – Jelly Belly Sparkling Wine jelly beans! They’re gluten, dairy, fat and gelatine free and they’re such a cute way to celebrate how much you love your mother! They are completely adorable, stored in their little bubbly bottles but containing no alcohol. I think they’re so cute and their taste is really lovely; they’re so light and sweet. They cost £3 and they’d make the perfect treat for any mother!

A green bottle iwth jelly belly sweets inside.

4. The perfect card…

 Nanny Kim is all about the cards. She isn’t huge on gifts compared to how much she loves a thoughtful and kind card. Cards are so personal and you can say so much, and Hallmark cards are certainly helpful along the way…

A Mother's Day Card.

Their selection is simply gorgeous and I would actually find it difficult to choose one amongst the gorgeous offering. They’re so sweet and they also have cards perfect for your Nan too!

Mother's Day cards and a small soft toy Supergirl.

Hallmark are also selling cute little Itty Bittys; they’re so cute and mine have already taken residence in Molly’s room! But hey, sharing is caring, right?!

A small soft toy of Wonderwoman.

5. A bit of bubbly!

 A lovely bottle of wine is always so appreciated, I remember a friend popping by with a bottle of red one time and it meant the world to me. Gifts don’t need to cost the earth, and with Barefoot’s selection starting from £6.99, you can show your love without breaking the bank.  I am a huge fan of Barefoot wines, they’re so delicious and really reasonably priced! I think they’d make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Three bottles of wine, rose, red and white sparkling.

6. Personalised wine.

If you’re keen to purchase an extra special gift, then a personalised bottle of wine is the way to go. What sweeter way is there to show someone they’re loved? Personally I’d love to receive the personalised prosecco, it’s my favourite kind of drink and I just think it would be so special to receive. There are so many Mother’s Day gifts on their site that are perfect for all kinds of budgets, and you can choose from wine or vodka and all that’s in between!

A bottle of wine and a close up of the label with Kelly Allen Writer across the label.

7. A bottle of Botanique…

If alcohol isn’t your mother’s bag, then Botonique is for you! This would be perfect for anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol or for pregnant mothers; as well as being delicious it offers some extra perks in the form of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties thanks to the minerals, vitamins and amino acids included in the ingredients. A bottle of this lovely stuff costs £6.99 and with benefits like these and no hangover, it’s worth every penny!

A bottle on a table, two flute glasses and a bottle of wine being poured into a glass.


8. Beautiful bath or massage oil…

 This gorgeous Arnicare oil has two amazing uses; use it in the bath to relax and unwind or massage it into your skin to aid any tensions. I adore this type of gift, because it’s suitable for all kinds of mothers (even those who don’t have time for luxurious baths!). You can get a bottle of this lovely oil from Amazon or Boots.

A bottle of Arnicare bath oil.

9. Or dead sea salt?

For just £6.85 from Boots you can get a very lovely pot of Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts. These are perfect for the bath loving mother; it’s the perfect excuse to run your mother a long bath and get them to (finally) fully relax! This pot of goodness smells so good and I love the idea of healing your body and mind with Frankincense.

A clear tub with pink bath salts inside with a blue lid and blue label.

A bird's eye view of the dead sea salt bath crystals.

10. A novella, perfect for the bath…

I love a good book and with such a hectic lifestyle a novella seems like the perfect gift for any mother. Tony Drury has many novellas and his latest series of books are based on classic cinema,  Lunch with
is a tribute to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Twelve Troubled Jurors hints at Twelve Angry Men and the third book in the series Forever on Thursdays is based on the British romantic-drama, Brief Encounter. I think these novellas would make an excellent gift for the book loving mama in your life!

A book cover with a lady .

11. A crafty idea…

 You might know we love crafts in this house, and I’m probably the biggest instigator of this amazing addiction! I love the idea of receiving something to inspire my creative side, and what better than this gorgeous Clasp Purse Craft Kit (£14.95) from Crafter’s Companion?

A box with a make-your-own purse inside with love spelt out in letters below it.

I think this is such a sweet gift, imagine receiving this and knowing you have the perfect excuse to craft? Isn’t it pretty?

A blue and white polka dot clasp purse.

12. Or two…

 Another gorgeous gift idea from the Crafty Companion folk is this lovely Embroidery Hoop for £9.95. I think this would be ace to work on with George or Molly, creating something beautiful together. I love the idea of creative gifting, it’s inspiring and thoughtful all at once…

A pink box with an embroidery kit inside with love spelt out in buttons beside it.

All the bits for the embroidery kit, buttons, hoop, material etc.

13. Candles!

 I love candles, and these gorgeous Parks candles would be perfectly partnered with a lovely Zippo lighter. Parks’ 3 Tots Gift Sets include three gorgeously scented candles; Wild Fig, Cassis and Orange Blossom. They are presented in a gorgeous box and I have to say, the scent from these candles totally blew me away. They’re so luxurious and such a perfect way to show someone you care. This set comes in other scent combinations and they cost £36.00 for a set of 3.

A box with three candles inside.

A candle with two wooden hearts beside it.

14. Hair care at its finest.

 I love trying out new haircare products, especially luxury one such as Monat. I recently tried their Renew Shampoo and Restore Conditioner and they were really lovely products to use. They smell fab and you don’t need to use too much product for it to do its job!

Purple containers of hair products.

 15. A flask!

To finish off my list I offer the suggestion of a funky flask. Whether it’s a hot tea, coffee or soup, a flask is a must-have for busy mothers who are constantly on the go. They’re time, money and waste saving and they can be as cool as you want them to be! For me, when it comes to hot or cold drinks it’s all about the beautiful S’well company, who produce the most gorgeous and striking designs. Amara stock many of these designs, but I fell totally in love with this gorgeous Mother of Pearl flask, £25 for a 0.26L sized bottle.

A Mother of Pearl style flask on green/yellow backing.

If you’re going for a more retro vibe, then this fab 500ml Orla Kiely flask from Amara is perfect! It’s £25.00 and I absolutely love the design and colours. I think this would be perfect for lunch on the go and it just makes me happy looking at it!

A funky and retro flask with green, grey and orange leaves.

16. Bath time treats…

Patisserie de Bain from Rose & Co is the perfect way to indulge when it comes to tasty treats for the bath! These Sweet as Cherry Pie Bath Tartlettes are simply gorgeous, almost (yes, almost!) too lovely to use. They are £7.00 and there are plenty of other bits and bobs to add to your selection  (such as hand cream and cake slices!) on their site!

A blue and red box with two tartlette shaped bath bombs in front of it.

 I hope this list has inspired you to find something gorgeous and within your particular budget to celebrate Mother’s Day this year!

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