Molly’s 7: It’s Bittersweet.

I look at Molly and I honestly do not know where 7 years have gone; she is no longer a toddler bashing about the place, she’s no longer a baby who needs me 24/7 and she’s no longer 100% dependable on me. Whilst I’m incredibly proud of this, I can’t help but feel a little sad. It’s absolutely flown by, and I don’t know how to catch up!

With recent events I definitely feel aged, but even just knowing that 7 years ago we brought Molly into this world blows my mind.  I still remember it like it was yesterday, and it’s a pretty funny story…

I knew she was coming so we carried on as normal, with toddler George waddling around (actually I was the one waddling!). When my contractions got worse Warren and I hopped in the car and my Mom and Dad watched George. We headed to the hospital and on the way grabbed a burger and fries, ate them in the car park (contractions still going strong), then up to the ward and within an hour she was here! It was an awesome birth, a million miles away from George’s, and it leaves me feeling fuzzy remembering how we went home the very same day. It was a magical time, close to Christmas with snow on the ground. We were so happy, my Dad was still alive and it felt good to be near him and my Mom. 

Life is so different now, we live in a different place and my Dad is no longer with us, and although we’re a solid family unit, the miscarriage has made life awfully grey.

However, this week we were invited to review Bluestone (keep your eyes peeled on the blog!) and I’m so glad we agreed. It has had it’s rocky moments (I’m on my first period since our loss); teary mornings and real life still hovering on the periphery, but on the whole, being away from the reality of life has begun to make us all a bit cheerier. It is bittersweet because she’s growing up and we can’t prevent it, but who she is growing up to be is making me so full of joy…

When I really think about it, Molly has grown into a young lady I wish I could have been; she’s bold, brave, honest, sweet, kind and that doesn’t even cover all of her qualities. This week away and celebrating her 7th birthday have merely showcased her changes, and perhaps that’s added to my emotional state. Because children do grow, they change and they become little adults, and although I am sad and emotional, my deepest feelings are definitely pride and shed loads of love.

celebrating Molly’s birthday with balloon games, pillow fights, Twister
and loads of cuddles! My children hug me a lot but this week I’ve been
spoilt! Hugs just make you so happy, you only need to watch Trolls to
realise that, right?! 

I always tell the kids we’re a team, but it’s only recently I’ve realised how true that is. The four of us are a team; we’re there when one of us is down, we’re there to celebrate the joys of life and we’re there to love one another.  I couldn’t ask for more than that…

So Happy Birthday Molly; you absolutely rock. I know that even during the saddest times you always make me smile, you always make my heart sing and you are the sunshine of our day.

Never change.


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