Mission Burrito: The Best Burrito in Town!

Mission Burrito: The Best Burrito in Town!
I am
embarrassed to tell you that I only discovered burritos
last year, when I was visiting one of my gorgeous friends in London.
I cannot tell you
what a taste sensation it was for me, and ever since they’ve become
my favourite food, which is
why I’m on a mission (get it?!) to find the best burrito!

We had
planned a weekend away to Birmingham (my lovely home town) for
Warren’s birthday and we were super chuffed to be invited to try out
Mission Burrito’s delicious food.

Situated in the very well known Bull Ring in
the centre of the city, Mission Burrito is located on the
outside of the shopping centre, alongside
other eateries and in full view of St Martin’s Church. The
restaurant is very cute and holds a lot of charm, I particularly
love the light up ‘Burrito’ sign, the funky wall designs and the brightly
coloured chairs.

arrived around lunchtime and we were greeted by Asta
and Charlie, who
are both passionate about Mission Burrito! We
watched them prepare burritos and chatted to them about their store.
It was so lovely to see them so excited and enthusiastic about their
work, and I love their extensive knowledge about flavour and taste,
perfect for
someone like me who is pretty indecisive!
opted for a double burrito, one half filled with pork and the other
beef. I chose a chicken burrito because I’ve never had one with
chicken in before and I like trying out new things, especially when
it comes to burritos! The food was put together pretty fast and I
have no idea how they roll them up with the enormous yummy food

We sat
outside and admired the lovely view as the sun shone down on us.
After snapping a few pictures we started tucking in and we were in
burrito heaven. The chicken and rice was delicious and Warren really
enjoyed the challenge of the double wrap…

I think
it’s so easy to forget how much goes into these gorgeous burritos (rice, meat, vegetables and more!),
and with prices starting from £3.95 you really can’t go wrong. 

To wash
it all down we tried out their gorgeous Jarritos fizzy fruit drinks, Warren
chose mango and I tried pineapple; they were so refreshing and
perfectly matched with the burritos. 

We really enjoyed our lunch, the burritos are so filling (in a good way!) and our tummies were very
grateful to all the different flavours and exciting textures inside. 

We had
such a lovely afternoon together, taking in the sights of good old
Brum and eating delicious food.  From the delicious burritos to the enthusiastic and
friendly staff, I can see why Mission Burrito have such loyal

I love being in Birmingham city, it
holds a special place in my heart and this was such a fab way to
start our trip.

We can’t
wait to visit them again soon!
Have you
been to Mission Burritio? What’s your favourite thing on the menu?
We received food and drink in exchange for review. All opinions are
100% honest and my own.

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  1. 6th August 2017 / 8:38 am

    Oh will try this next year when I plan to visit , looks delicious!

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