Mila & Pheebs Craft Box Review

Who doesn’t love a subscription craft box for the kids?! Just seeing their little faces when the postman arrives with a package addressed to them is priceless…
Well, last week that’s what happened! George and Molly received the very first craft and stationary box from the delightful Mila & Pheebs.
The box arrived addressed to the kiddiebops and they were delighted to be able to open their very own post. Inside the box was lovely green tissue paper (I love green and we’ve put this to one side to re-use at a later date!) and beneath this was an array of beautiful woodland themed crafts.
Included in the box for £9.99:
Woodland themed stick pencils
A hedgehog making kit
A bookmark kit (makes 6 bookmarks)
Felt pieces
Woodland stickers
Woodland word-search
Woodland landscape to decorate
Two woodland colouring in sheets
One hedgehog rubber
One fox paper clip
Two cards and envelopes to decorate
Molly was immediately drawn to the ‘make your own hedgehog’ kit, so we got cracking and this is what she produced:
After she’d made the hedgehog she wanted to find out more about hedgehogs so off to the computer we went to discover some cutesie videos of hedgehogs. We actually learnt a lot about them and how to care for them 🙂
Both kiddies adored making the cards, molly made one for me and George made one for their Daddy. I am not allowed to open mine until my birthday (in January!), but I managed to get a few shots of them whilst they created them!
I’d usually expect George to take the wordsearch and go crazy on it, but this time Molly was the one keen to look for the words. She has learnt to read in a different way to George, so her capital letter knowledge is pretty spot on nowadays. This meant the wordsearch didn’t pose much of a problem and she found several words with ease before wanting to move on to the next activity…
They also loved making the bookmarks, it was a really fun activity and we will use them regularly which is such an added bonus to any craft activity. George is giving one to his new friend on the street we’ve just moved to, and they both made sure I got to keep the green one 🙂

They both loved this box, especially Molly (she is the more ‘constantly creative’ one), and we’re quite upset we’ve ran out of Mila & Pheebs crafts. But (shhhh!) Nanny Kim has just ordered some more for her, so she will be soooooo excited!
If you’re interested in signing up (free delivery), or ordering a one-off box (£1.99 delivery) then here is a 10% off code to help you out. Just type KELLYOFFER into the coupon/gift code box (code expires 19/06/16 and can only be used once per person).
Have you tried a subscription box that you just adored?
*I received this product for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest*


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