Mark Warner, We’d Like to be Beside the Seaside Please!

We live in Wales, so obviously you know all it does is rain here, right?! Well, yeah it does. It rains for days, then there’s a flash of sunlight and you step out in your brand new sandals from New Look and walk about five metres down the street until you feel a tiny splash. You convince yourself it was nothing and walk on. By the time your halfway to your destination you are soaked through and your sandals are ruined. When you reach your destination it’s sunny, you are still soaked through and no one around you is wet… 

This actually happens. All the time. More recently we’ve had snow, so it seems we’re destined to constantly be dressed like this…

 A glimpse of sun in beautiful (rainy) Wales is something to rejoice, and rejoice we do! But it never lasts longer than a moment, and this is why, when it comes to holidays, it’s all about the beach for the Allen Clan. 

We don’t get away as often as we’d like due to work commitments and tight budgets, often opting for last minute getaways to save some dosh. But this post is about a dream, and dream I will…

Mark Warner have opened up their ambassador doors again this year, and they’re offering one family the chance to go on one of their beautiful holidays in 2018. We have the perfect figures (2 adults and 2 children), we have the right attitudes (happy, excited and positive) and we have the ideal lifestyle to warrant a beautiful holiday in the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Wales. The rolling hills and vast landscape, but when I go away I get to come back with fresh eyes, appreciating all I have in sunny (metaphorically speaking…) Wales.


So, if we could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If it comes down to choosing a Mark Warner Holiday, well I think I’ve narrowed it down to one particular destination.

Here’s what we’d be keen to find on our dream holiday… 

  • Swimming pool
  • Play area for the kiddos
  • Relaxation
  • New sights
  • Beach
  • Activities
  • Being together
After searching through there site, I found the most amazing destination, perfect for our little clan. Helona Beach Resort in Kos has it all. From the beach to the actual resort, it looks idyllic and I could see us all having such a wonderful time at such a beautiful resort. I really love the idea of having everything at your fingertips, such as the beach or pool. There’s also the option to use the facilities at the nearby Lakitira Beach Resort, perfect if you’re keen to stay busy.
For us, this trip wouldn’t be just a holiday, it would be a chance to spend quality time together in a new and beautiful place, away from our ordinary life. It would be a chance to feel free, a chance to get lost in another culture and lifestyle, a chance to feel the sun on our skin for longer than just one afternoon.
Above all that, a holiday to a sunny destination would give us hope. It would bring us together and help us face the world in such a way that we’d come back ready to conquer all our dreams and so much more.  
So, thank you Mark Warner Holidays, for the chance of a lifetime.


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