Making Dreams Come True with The Irish Fairy Door Company

A few weeks ago Molly received a very special delivery; a magical ‘Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ from The Irish Fairy Door Company. Molly adores fairies and recently created her own fairy garden, so the arrival of the door left her a little speechless.
She couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was inside. When we opened the package we discovered so many wonderful things inside so we ended up laying them all out on the table to see what we needed to do first.
There was a gorgeous ‘Fairy Welcome Guide’ filled with lots of important information about how we should set up the door once it was decorated, there were paints and felt pens, the door, decorations and stepping stones, a key and a contract for us all to sign.
It was so magical sitting with Molly and discussing all the different bits and bobs. Molly couldn’t wait to get started on the door, so whilst she decorated I read the contract to her. She chose felt pens over paint, and she went with stripes and added lots of gorgeous embellishments, basically her door rocks!
Molly really lost herself in this crafting task, and she really took the contract seriously. It was very sweet, funny and I actually shed a tear reading it to her. We all had to sign it after reading it, which was very special indeed.
The whole concept is very magical, and I think it’s great that it comes with a little notebook to write to the fairy and receive notes from her too. I also loved the fact that Molly was able to choose her fairy’s name – she went for Daisy!
Now, fairies aren’t just for girls, you all know how I feel about that kind of thing. Well, the great thing about this kit is how inclusive it is, George is just as mesmerised by the door as Molly. The contract states that the fairy will exchange teeth for appropriate coins, a key point that George is really focusing on. He keeps leaving her notes telling her how he can’t wait to giver her his teeth 🙂
Once everything was signed and sealed, we needed to find a place for our fairy door. We opted for a high space, because we didn’t want to damage or knock it off (our house is quite busy!) and we rent, so we used white-tac to secure it, which works really well! There is always the option of moving it too at any point we like, and you can also place them outside.
We set everything up and then it was time to wait. The next morning Daisy had arrived! We found notes to the children and she’d signed the contract. George and Molly’s reaction was beyond wonderful, and Daisy is a very welcome addition to our home.
These are simply gorgeous crafting kits, unique and well thought out, magical and creative. I really adored the whole process and it’s something we’ll always have in our home. These would make the perfect gift for any child, a sure way to keep the magic alive.
You can purchase a ‘Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ for £24.99 and I can assure you, it’s worth every single penny.
Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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