Making Christmas Cards With Stampin’ Up!

I love crafting, there’s no denying that, but making handmade cards is not only really satisfying, but also super fun! I am so excited to share my thoughts on Stampin’ Up!‘s Christmas Card Making Kit. The kit contained stamps and a card kit to make four different card designs; the only thing required was ink and adhesives.

I love these wonderful kits because they’re quirky, unique and really easy to use. It didn’t take me long to make the four different designs, it was a case of finding all the right things and layering them up to match the picture in the handy guide…

So this…

Becomes this…

Isn’t it cute?! This time I stuck with a glue stick, but I imagine using double-sided foam would give an amazing effect. I just love the designs and the font on the stamps, as well as how the card comes together to make a beautiful gift for someone special.

I just adore Stampin’ Up!; their products are so uplifting and they are so easy and joyous to use. I love the different cards within the kit, although I’d love more haha! I think they’re so festive and really uplifting, and I can’t wait to send them off to family and friends this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Disclosure: I received this kit in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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