Making Christmas Baubles With Hobbycraft!

Making Christmas Baubles With Hobbycraft!

We’re all about the hand made in this household, so of course we were super excited to receive some gorgeous bauble bits and bobs from Hobbycraft to try out. We’ve wanted to make Christmas baubles for a really long time, and we decided to make a mixture of traditional and modern baubles ready for the big day.
You don’t need a great deal of stuff to make baubles, I’d probably suggest having the following ready to make:

  • baubles to fill
  • fake snow
  • pompoms
  • mini figures
  • ribbon

There are also other options such as stamps, handwritten messages, scrabble tiles and so on. Your imagination is your only limit! 

We started off with traditional baubles, adding snow and mini figures. You can also change the twine to ribbon if you like…

After adding fake snow to the bauble, George and Molly added in their mini figures. They were sent swans, a polar bear, Christmas trees and a reindeer.

I adore the teardrop bauble, it’s so beautiful and definitely something I could see alongside old fashioned and more traditional decorations. It was such a simple activity yet it gives such a wonderful effect. I imagine you could choose to glue the snow in or leave it loose and change the design each year. Either way, they’re beautiful!

We also had a little go at making pompom baubles; these are perfect for any age because you can get plastic baubles and fill them with pompoms and make an awesome decoration!

 These are really effective and I quite like the idea of digging out the red and green pompoms for a suitably festive look! 

We loved making these fab baubles, each one is unique and handmade and I can’t wait to hang them on our tree or give them to loved ones. 

Also I wanted to point out the Hobbycraft Blog, I love it and it has lots of inspiring ideas and you can find more ideas for bauble making here

Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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