Make each day special with My Hollibob Bear!

Make each day special with My Hollibob Bear!

In our house, each day is different, and sometimes it’s hard to change from one vibe to the next without somebody feeling a little left out of the plans. Well, this is where My Holibob Bear comes in; Holibob Bears are wonderfully delightful bears that set up the day for your child(ren) during the school holidays.

Wait! What?

I know what you’re thinking, You don’t have ‘school holidays’, do you?!

Not technically, no. But, Holibob Bear is just as useful for us and our lifestyle, and I’ll explain why…

Firstly, our days vary, depending on weather or time or our budget for the week. So, preparing our children for a ‘quiet day’ or an ‘event’ is a continuous thing for us. Also, when Warren is on holiday from work we tend to follow suit, we relax a little into the shape of a weekend family and spend our time doing things out and about and going places we can’t access via public transport.

Holibob Bear arrived packaged in a very sturdy box, with lovely tissue paper and I actually didn’t want to spoil the presentation by opening them up (but I did!).

So, My Holibob Bear, how does it work?

Holibob Bear has come to stay and he’s brought along a suitcase full of lovely things to make each day exciting and new. The standard Holibob Bear Set costs £19.99, aimed at 3-5 year olds it contains a Holibob Bear, suitcase, summary cards, activity cards, pawsport and stickers.

We were sent a Deluxe Holibob Bear Set for £24.99 for each child; it’s aimed at 5+ it includes all of the Standard set plus a journey book, mini blackboard and chalk. This means George and Molly are able to write about their experiences along the way.

George and Molly loved receiving their Holibob Bears. They come in two different colours and George named his sandy coloured bear John (after my Dad) and Molly named her chocolate coloured bear Mibby Buttercup Berry!

The first time we used them was for a trip to one of our home education groups, so this is what they woke up to…

They were so excited to wake up and see where Holibob was planning to take us all, and it made everything about the day run smoothly. They even took their Holibob Bears with them on their day out!

Molly was particularly taken with her bear, and she hasn’t let Mibby leave her side since she arrived…

I think Holibob Bears are great, they set the day up for all the family and there are some fab options to choose from. When you’ve completed your day your child can add the appropriate sticker to the ‘Pawsport’ as well as write in their notepad if they wish.

There are various suggestions within the box for things to do, from Quiet Time to the coveted ‘Your Choice’! We are having a fabulous time with their Holibob Bears and I don’t think it’s likely to change anytime soon! George and Molly have bonded with their bears and each evening they look forward to whatever their bears may have in store for them the next day.

So, having My Holibob Bear come to stay helps with change, varying activities and fun, the only difference in our house being the fact that he’s a permanent feature; he’s definitely here to stay!

Regardless of whether your child goes to school or not, My Holibob Bear is a great addition to any home. If you’re looking for a lovely way to introduce daily activities in a new, exciting and interactive way, then look no further than My Holibob Bear.

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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