Madagascar: A Musical Adventure at New Theatre.

Last night we went on a family trip to New Theatre in Cardiff to see Madagascar: A Musical Adventure. We all love the Madagascar movies, so we were excited to see how this would be transferred to stage.

The theatre had a fab vibe, with lots of families dotted around ready for the show to start. The story (as if you didn’t already know!) follows a group of friends escaping from a zoo in New York who wind up stranded in Madagascar. They have to face wild animals and stick together to survive, even with Alex the Lion desperate to eat his good pal Marty the Zebra!

The stage was pretty basic, so I wasn’t really sure how the story would work, but I was pleasantly surprised by the clever use of props, people and costume. The music began and so did the story, and it was funny, clever and interactive! I loved the addition of children on stage; such a sweet idea.

The story was told in a very easy way for children to follow, and even though Warren thought George (7) may have been a little old for the show, I disagree. I don’t think we should ever ‘grow up’ despite our ages, and I enjoyed it as much as my children did!

Alex the Lion was great on stage; he was very theatrical, his voice carried out into the audience and as for his roar-wow!

Warren thought Gloria the Hippo was great, she had a lot of personality and made us all laugh. Molly adored Marty the Zebra, she has zebra pyjamas and spent this morning pretending to be him! Melman the Giraffe was suitably paranoid about his health and welfare, he’s probably the one I can relate to!

I thought the penguins were hilarious and their harmonious singing was fantastic, they had perfect timing and made the audience giggle lots! There was a lot of fun to be had with great songs, especially the finale of Together Forever, I loved singing along!

I have to say that King Julien was outstanding, and deserved all the whoops and cheers he received last night. He was hilarious, from comedy moves to singing and dancing to perfectly timed comedy quips. He completely stole the show in my opinion, and rightly so!

Cheers, whoops and laughter from the audience is always a good sign of a great time being had, and it made us feel as one with the crowd. It was a fantastic performance with well designed and bright costumes, clever set pieces and just tonnes of fun!

Madagascar: A Musical Adventure is running until 4th June 2017. Don’t miss out, buy your tickets now!

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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