Lush Spa Cardiff: the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – or Any Day!

Lush Spa Cardiff: the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – or Any Day!

Soap bar on a bright background with title.

Last night I was invited to Lush in Cardiff to check out their gorgeous range of products and spa with my very good friend, K. I am always excited when I enter Lush; the smell and the colours hypnotise me and my children love nothing more than dragging me around to check out the latest bath bomb. I don’t complain because, deep down, I feel exactly the same as they do!

Last night I had the chance to look further into the store, to see more of the products on offer and to receive a little pampering ahead of Mother’s Day! We were welcomed with warm smiles from the ever-friendly staff and offered vegan cupcakes and some tasty fizz; the cupcakes and drinks were inspired by Lush’s collection, such a clever way to connect the tasty treats to their products.

Two fizzy orange drinks and cupcakes.

Lush Products

Lush has definitely changed since I first visited their Birmingham store many, many years ago. From what I can remember, back then it was mostly bath bombs and massage bars but now there’s so much more! I felt totally spoilt for choice as I wandered around with K, checking out the products and having a little test of some along the way.

I didn’t realise they stocked perfume or make-up, so this was a very interesting find indeed! I stumbled upon a scent that really worked with my own scent and skin type, and when I checked the bottle out I couldn’t stop laughing…

Perfume bottle entitiled 'Rentless'.
I feel #rentless quite often 😉

With our current lifestyle (students living off beans and the like!), this perfume was made for me!

When it comes to make-up, there was quite a selection to choose from, and I loved all the bright, bold colours on offer…

Triangular eye shadow bars in various colours.


Easter treats!

With Easter around the corner, I obviously had to check out the various products on offer. I adored their little chicks, as well as their golden eggs – totally reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Pink and blue chick bath bombs.

A bag full of golden egg bath bombs.

 We were also shown the glorious egg and chick bath bomb, which was fantastic to see in action. I love the idea of a bath bomb for Easter, so much better for you than chocolate!

The Lush Spa

We totally saved the best til last, heading up to the Spa after looking at all their wonderful delights. The Spa totally blew K and I away, it was not what I was expecting at all. Spas are normally quite clinical and cold, but Lush has totally flipped this concept on its head with reclaimed wood, warm tones and an apothecary style country kitchen design.

There are bottles galore to choose from, a place to sit and relax before and after your treatment as well as a shower room. The upholstery is warm and rich, and along this and the decor you just feel oh-so at home… 

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After our little pamper session, we headed down to purchase some bits and bobs. I came home with a treat for Warren and some bits for the kids, as well as a gorgeous Mother’s Day inspired goodie bag – thank you Lush!

A mother's day bath bomb (pink/orange) with cape sat on bright material.

Soap bar on bright material.

A hand holding a yellow submarine bath bomb.
We all live in a yellow submarine…

It was an amazing event and the staff are just… lush! They’re so helpful, knowledgeable, and above all, they love their job! I love them so much and I feel so happy to have been a part of last night’s event. There are so many good reasons to buy from Lush for Mother’s Day, Easter or any other day of the year, and it’s not just because their staff are amazing and their products are blinkin’ gorgeous…

Lush are amazing in many other ways too. They’re focused on ridding the world of animal cruelty, all their products are vegetarian (most are vegan!), their products are ethically sourced and handmade and they are fantastic when it comes to packaging! You won’t see any plastics in their stores and all products are stored in paper bags, tins, boxes or scarves. 

There’s just so much good in Lush, and we as consumers should support this company as much as possible, because much like our children, it’s companies like Lush that are the future. 

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