Longworth Six Player Croquet Set Review

We’ve never played Croquet before, in fact it was only because of the movie Heathers that I even knew it existed! We were so grateful to receive a complimentary set from Big Game Hunters. We went for the Longworth Six Player Croquet Set. The set arrived and it was packaged really well, it’s a very heavy set, but once we took a peek inside the bag we realised why!


The items are mostly made from wood, and the ‘hoops’ are made from a very heavy metal material. There are a few different bits in the bag, from clips to pegs, and enough equipment for up to six players. I was really impressed with the size and quality of the set, it seems like a set that would last a very long time.

Well, the weather has been absolutely awful, but we finally had a dry day when we were altogether and ready to play to the death… only joking!


We grabbed the set and headed to the park and left Warren to set up. He’s so much more logical than me! I spent my time ogling the gorgeous kit; it’s so well made and the colours are so vibrant!

It didn’t take long for Warren and the kiddiwinks to set up the game, and soon we were playing! George and Warren were on one team and Molly and I on the other.

Both George and Molly struggled with the size of the croquet mallets at first, and they adopted their own swing style in the end! It didn’t disrupt the game, but I think I’d consider getting two smaller mallets in the future for them to use.

The instructions were fairly simple, we took it in turns to work or way around the course. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the game, in fact I was pretty apprehensive about whether we’d enjoy it…


As you can see, we loved it! It was such a great team spirit filled game, with lots of laughs and miss-hits, as well as the satisfaction of getting to the end! I think this is such a family and friend focused game, it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I can’t wait to meet with our two croquet loving buddies to play with them in the future!

So I guess you want to know who won?! Well, it was a very close game, but Warren and George were the winning team 🙂

I would highly recommend this set to families and friends looking for a way to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon together. We all completely loved it, and so will you!




Disclosure: I received this set in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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