Living the Dream #1 Veg Patch

I’ve always wanted my own vegetable patch, and when we viewed this house it was the deal maker, for me anyway…
We’d already planted some seeds, mostly peas, in February. So when we moved we had to move a lot of plants too!
The veg patch has three areas and to begin with they all looked like this…
With one patch we literally dug through the weeds, later discovering that they’ll just grow back :/ With the other two areas we decided to go hardcore and we did cave in and use weedkillers. They haven’t been great to be honest, and I feel a little guilty using them, but the ‘turning over’ alone in the first bed has caused the weeds to split and spread.
Weeds aside, the plants are taking off rather well. We have six rows of peas, they are looking slightly weathered but holding in there!
In the other patch I’ve popped the potatoes in and we’ve also got three lots of sweetcorn growing! We heart sweetcorn and I’m really excited about growing them…

We’ve also bee growing tomatoes and they’ve flourished over the past week, so we transfered them to a grow bag today- exciting times! Molly loves tomatoes!
I really wanted a sense of food we love being grown in our garden, not just growing anything, so that we’ll use and enjoy each element. Then next year I will add some different things to the mix so that we can try out new fruits and vegetables.
When we moved here I had already bought a mini-greenhouse and today I spent a bit of time organising it! It blew over in the wind a few weeks ago, so I’m a bit concerned it might happen again. We lost a lot of plants that day 🙁
There’s another area in the garden that is chocka with mint! How beautiful is this?! If anyone near Llantwit wants some, let me know…
In the next week or so, if it stays warm, we’ll be planting carrots and cucumbers… and we’re also going to make our very own scarecrow!
Watch this space!
Do you grow your own fruit and veg? What are your top tips?


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