Little Shop of Horrors at New Theatre in Cardiff

We love Little Shop of Horrors. We love the theatre. So when I saw tickets go on sale (yes, I searched for this show every year) I immediately purchased front row seats for the matinee today! It always feels so exciting when we go to the theatre, and we always try to make an extra effort and get a little dressed up!
Once we were all ready we headed into Cardiff and went on a hunt for somewhere to have lunch. In the end we headed into Owain Glyndwr and ordered pizza (2 for 1), a platter, fries and drinks. The food was so amazing and I wish I’d had more room to finish off the leftover pizza!

With our belleis full we headed to the New Theatre, buzzing with excitement for the show. I was extremely happy to have bought the tickets so far in advance, being in the front row is an experience all of its own!
George and Molly were excited and I had pre-warned Molly we may get a little emotional at the end (the film and stage production have two totally different endings!) so we prepared ourselves with tissues…
The show began and we were thrown into Skid Row with music, action and singing. Everyone on stage seemed to be glowing with energy and passion for their roles and the show itself. The ‘street urchins’, Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon, open the show and wow, they completely blew me away. Their characters were strong and their harmonies were pitch perfect; they really made an entrance and set the scene for Skid Row.
The set was outstanding and as for Audrey 2, well whoever created the amazing human fly-trap, you did an outstanding job! As for Mr Mushnik, he had a very strong presence, and when Seymour and Audrey joined everyone on stage I was finally lost in their world. Molly sang along to all the songs, whilst George sat rooted to the spot, engrossed by the whole show and very time I looked at Warren he was smiling.
Now, I’m going to admit that seeing a poster of Rhydian in the train station made us miss an important connection a few weeks ago, but oh my was it worth it! When he came onto stage he completely owned the role of my favourite character Orin Scrivello – the dentist. He came onto stage and completely blew me away, his accent, attitude and voice were spot on and as for his amount of ‘crazy’, well he was 100% crazy and it was great!
The whole show was awesome and our only criticism was that Seymour  (Sam Lupton) wasn’t wearing glasses. As silly as it sounds, it made a difference to us. Sam’s voice was awesome, and his choreography was very expressive and added to the geek-factor. As for Audrey, well I enjoyed the quirky take on the character; it felt almost bittersweet. She had perffect comedy timing and it was great to see Stephanie Clift’s version of Audrey; she owned it.
We loved the show, and as I said to the kids before we went in, it went faster than you realise or want it to. When it was was over I wanted to see it all again!
Before heading home we went to try out the ice cream at Creams Cafe on St Mary’s Street. The selection is out of this world and we were totally spoilt for choice! They also have T.V screens to entertain the little ones and the staff are so friendly.
We had such an amazing day out as a family and I really want to do it all again. Tomorrow. Ha! But seriously, go check out the food at The Owain Glyndwr, go taste Cream Cafe’s delicious ice cream and please, please, please go see Little Shop of Horrors; it absolutely rocks!


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