Little Passports World Edition Subscription: Month 2

We received our second package from Little Passports during August, and the kiddies were more than excited to see what was inside!

The first thing we dug out was another travel tag, it was labelled ‘Brazil’ and George added it to the handle of their little suitcase.

There were also two stickers (one for the passport and one for the case), as well as a special pin for the world map. Molly had a lot of trouble deciding where to place the sticker on the case, but eventually she found a spot!



George’s face is crazy!

We realised this month that nobody had written their names inside the suitcase, so Molly went for it and claimed it as theirs! We began adding in our precious bits and bobs, such as the photo of rare Uakari monkey.


After this we spent a lot of time mesmerised by the gorgeous Amethyst rock they’d sent us all the way from a Brazilian mine. They kiddies both coveted this item, so we have to say ‘share’ a lot whenever it comes out to play!


When we all sat down and had a nosey at the world map, it wasn’t long before George found Brazil and marked it with the sticker pin. He is really keen on Geography, so he enjoyed finding Brazil as well as the U.K and comparing the sizes of all the different countries.

We also received a few worksheets and George loves filling these in! They were quite hard this month, so I helped with some of them, but they both worked on filling in the right words and working out where the next country will be!


George and Molly have loved August’s subscription, I love how it makes everyone so passionate about the world and we always end up discovering so many different things.

Next month will be my last month reviewing Little Passports and I will have a very special give-away for you wonderful lot! I just can’t wait!

Disclosure: I received this subscription in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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