Likely Story Presents: The Giant Who Has No Heart in His Body at Chapter Arts.

*We received a family ticket in exchange for review.

Tonight we had our last theatre trip of 2017, and what a delight it was! We haven’t been to Chapter Arts for some time, so it was lovely to return as a family to see and review The Giant Who Has No Heart in His Body presented and performed by the wonderful Likely Story.

The story begins in the sky, with two playful characters, Agi (Ellen Groves) and Dot (Hazel Anderson). They are story catchers, but they aren’t the best at the job… One day instead of catching the story inside a storage container they catch it inside themselves! This is when they decide to tell the story of The Giant Who Has No Heart in His Body, with themselves as part of the tale. They have to figure out how to defeat the Giant and save the land, but defeating somebody doesn’t mean you have to destroy, as we all found out…

When we headed into the theatre to pick some seats (it’s first come, first served, so arrive in plenty of time so the little ones can get a decent view!) the stage was already brimming with life as Agi and Dot created a lovely atmosphere for the audience that led us into the story. I loved how they interacted with the audience, made jokes and made the whole experience really relaxed; perfect for children.

There is a lot of humour in this production, with a lot of fart jokes and general silliness. There was a lot of laughter from the audience and Molly thought the fish scene was hilarious! The chemistry between Groves and Anderson is awesome, they are perfectly in tune with each other and you can tell they’ve worked together for a long time. Their take on interpretive performance, props and costume is outstanding and both George and Molly can really get into this sort of performance style, because it’s how they play! I love how it has inspired them for their own performances at home.

The set was beautifully constructed, with gorgeous lighting and props dotted around the stage. I completely loved the inventive use of props and how they interpreted the characters they played along the way. I also loved the use of the musician and sound effects to the side of the stage and I adored their inclusion of British Sign Language (BSL) in the performance. Making Julie (BSL interpreter) a part of the story is such an amazing step forward and it really and truly worked within the production. 

The Giant Who Has No Heart in His Body is running at Chapter Arts on Saturday 23rd December at 11.30am and 3.30pm. Tickets are £5 each and you can get a family ticket for £17.00 (minimum of 1 child) and the age guidance is 7+.

I really would recommend this performance; it has a lot of energy, humour and enchantment. We couldn’t wait to see where the story would lead us, and that’s always a fascinating journey to take…

*Disclosure: I received a free family ticket in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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