Let Chocolate do the Talking with Morse Toad's Personalised Gifts!

Winter is here and this can only mean that, aside from Christmas, it’s also the time to celebrate mine and Warren’s wedding anniversary. On December 11th we will have been married for 8 years and well, life has certainly been hectic and we’ve both changed a lot.
One thing that’s remained is our dedication to doing something special together and showing each other how much we’re loved. I often forget about cards around this time (and most of the year!) and focus on the gift, but with Morse Toad it’s possible to combine the two!
Morse Toad offer messages of love written in chocolate. I mean, who wouldn’t want a message made from chocolate?! Prices range from under £2 upwards and the website is really user friendly. I went onto their site and created a personalised message for Warren for our wedding anniversary.
It was incredibly easy, you choose how many rows (between 1 and 4) and this, for me, was determined by what I wanted my message to say. I went for 3 rows for £17 and this is how it turned out!
Isn’t it lovely? It was sent in a lovely box and you can write a personal note for the recipient that sits safely inside. So, I suppose it was only fair to let everyone have a try of the chocolate just so we can tell you how delicious it is, right? Right.
Well, their chocolate is divine. It’s melt in the mouth and super tasty and there’s hardly any left now! So, make sure when you order that you send enough 😉
I think this is a wonderful idea for a gift, and it also means no card required. I love that somebody receives a message in edible form, it’s very cute and quirky and nothing quite hits the spot like chocolate.
Have you tried out Morse Toad’s personalised chocolate cards? Who would you send one to and what would your message be?


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