Keep Warm this Winter with Firemizer

We’ve recently moved house and we are lucky enough to have a gorgeous open fire ready for those cold winter evenings. So we were really excited to test out the Firemizer!
Whenever we’ve had a log burning fire we’ve ended up using so much wood and it becomes really costly, plus there’s the concern of the environmental impact and wasted products. Firemizer doesn’t contain chemicals, instead it slows down the air flow and cuts back the burn rate of the fuel. It also spreads the heat equally throughout the fire so that no fuel is wasted. On top of this it covers all the gaps in the grate to prevent anything slipping through.
Firemizer is really easy to use, and even if it’s a little big for you fire, you can simply cut it to size. Warren loves having the fire on so he was really keen to use it and see the results. We popped it into the bottom of the fire, added coal, kindling and eventually a few logs and away it went!
The flames were pretty huge and the heat coming off it was toasty warm. Warren was super impressed with how the Firemizer stops any of the smaller particles passing through the grate or simply cooling off and being thrown away, it literally burns every single last bit within the fire. This meant that the fire lasted longer and there wasn’t much at all for us to clean up afterwards!
Firemizers are £19.99 (measuring 7in x 16.5in) and last up to 6 weeks (at 12 hours burning per day) before they need replacing. Also, they can be used on BBQs in the summertime! They’re a great way of saving money on fuel and cutting back on waste products. You can see from the photograph how amazing the fire is when using a Firemizer!
I think a Firemizer would be a welcome addition to any home, making these cold winter nights warmer, easier and cost-effective.
Disclosure: I received a Firemizer in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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