It's Ziggy's birthday!

Today is Ziggy’s birthday and I wanted to write a little post dedicated to him. No matter his mischief, he is an ace dude and he’s slotted into our family perfectly.

So, I’m going to list a few things I (and I hope the rest of the household) love about him.

  1. I LOVE how he knows if there is chocolate or chicken in the house. What a skill.
  2. I love his fur.
  3. I love going on adventures with him! He is so excitable and skips when he’s happy!
  4. I love how territorial he is. It may get annoying at times, but hey, if someone terrifying walked into our house I’d feel safe because of Zigdog.
  5. I love how much he hates yet tolerates a bath. Poor guy, but he’s a trooper.
  6. I love his need for fuss and cuddles. It’s a comforting thing to do.
  7. He puts up with a LOT!


  1. I love how happy he is to see someone he knows walk into the house.
  2. I love how he knows to play differently with different people. For me it’s all about the rolling around and being noisy, for Warren it’s rough and tumble.
  3. I love his eyes.
  4. I love his intelligence. He is so clever and he’s actually mastered ignorance.
  5. I love his floppy ears.
  6. I love his epilepsy because we take care of him and it’s a part of him.
  7. I love his happiness when I scratch and clean out his ears. Gross, right? I love it.
  8. I love it when he comes to me when I cry.

There’s so much more to love about Dogface, but I wanted to end on that one. So happy birthday Ziggy, you are an amazing dog. You are our dog and you are our friend.
Disclosure: I was given lots of doggy cuddles and kisses in exchange for this post about my amazing dog.


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