‘It tastes like a cwtch!’: The Magic Porridge Pot at Sherman Theatre.

‘It tastes like a cwtch!’: The Magic Porridge Pot at Sherman Theatre.

Today we had the absolute pleasure of attending Sherman Theatre set in the beautifully vibrant and bustling Cathays (yes, we live here now and love it!) to see The Magic Porridge Pot. The Brothers Grimm story is well known (and if you don’t know it the we need to talk…) and it has been stunningly reimagined by writer Alun Saunders with Hanna Jarman and Mali Jones at centre stage.
 A mother and daughter are in need of food when a stranger offers the daughter a magic pot that produces porridge when she says, ‘Cook little pot, cook!’ and stops when she says, ‘Stop little pot, stop!’. When the mother tries to use the pot things go horribly wrong and without knowing how to stop the pot their town becomes flooded. In order to save everyone the daughter manages to get the people of the village to work together.

After seeing The Scarecrow’s Wedding this year, I knew it was going to be a stunning performance, full of imagination, music and wit. The production takes place in the studio, a lovely intimate space that, for any performance at Sherman, allows you to immerse yourself in the story and the world of the vibrant characters before you. 

The space is utilised perfectly for this performance, allowing lots of room for children to sit comfortably without fighting to see over the top of an adult head, as well as the option to sit on the floor. I think it is probably one of the most child-friendly performances I’ve ever seen!

The performance began with so much energy and joy, and not once did it dissipate. We watch on as Aggie (Hanna Jarman) and Nene (Mali Jones) tell us their story of The Magic Porridge Pot. With a strong focus on fairness, goodness, sharing and kindness, it’s a perfect tale for little ones to learn from and enjoy. 

As ever, the art is in the detail and this performance shows that imagination and simple yet clever props and excellent acting is key. Aggie was my favourite character because her kindness and intrigue was so vast, she reminded me of my own children. I also adored her voice, it was absolutely beautiful! 

Mali Jones offered a lot in the way of comedy, from her performance as the baker, the woodcutter and the farmer to Madam Ragana (Molly’s favourite character), she gave huge amounts of energy throughout the performance. Her performance as Aggie’s mother was also witty and well played out. 

As for their chemistry, well it was faultless. You could tell both performers adored performing in this uplifting, pretty perfect play.  I adored the mixture of English and Welsh, as well as a sprinkling of Spanish, it was eloquently done and I admire them for being able to flit from one language to another in such quick succession. 

We all loved this performance and it’s perfect in the build up to Christmas with sharing and caring at the very heart of the story.

As they describe the porridge, this performance felt just ‘like a cwtch’ to me! 

The Magic Porridge Pot  runs from 3rd to 4th November and 25th November til 30th December 2017 and tickets are £9.00 each.

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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