Interactive and fun science for all: Virtual Changing Room at Techniquest!

Interactive and fun science for all: Virtual Changing Room at Techniquest!
We were recently
invited to try out Techniquest‘s Virtual Changing Room, a virtual
reality installation ready in time for the summer holidays. The aim
is to create a focus on young people’s careers, so they can imagine
themselves as an astronaut or a fire-fighter as well as exploring
other themes.

The Virtual Changing
Room is situated on the first floor and it’s not hard to spot. It’s the first of its kind in Wales, and Techniquest have partnered with Jam Creative Studios to bring it to the capital.
We had
no idea how it worked, so we just spent a bit of time navigating the
menus and on screen options. It was really easy to use once we got stuck in, and lots of fun too!
There’s a large
screen to view your transformations as well as small screen to the
left with options to choose from. There are so many cool options,
from occupations to animals as well as my favourite topic of the body
(think skeletons and so on!). 
You basically choose
your ‘theme’ from the small screen, stand on the orange circle and
lift your arms up. 

Within no time at
all the chosen costume will pop up on the screen, moving when you
move! You can move your legs and arms and dance around and it will
move along with you. You can also use your hands to change the
costume and take a selfie! Check Warren trying it out in this

The selfies are
pretty easy to take, you simply hover over the hand print on the
large screen and close your fist to take the photo. Then you go to
the smaller screen and send it to yourself via email. Mine arrived
within seconds to my inbox!

George and Molly adored having a go at being astronauts, animals and skeletons! It was also great for co-ordination, moving in different directions and using the screen to take photos and change costumes. It’s so much fun for all the family, as you’ve already seen, Warren had a great time!

We always have such
a fun and educational time at Techniquest, there’s loads to explore and the
existing installations never get boring!


just keep adding more wonderful and interesting areas – a great
excuse to go back time and time again!
Have you been lately and checked out the Virtual Changing Room? What do you think?
Disclosure: We received free entry in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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